Friday, July 3, 2015

United States Census Available for Free on Mocavo

You now have access to the complete US census record from 1790 to 1940 on the Mocavo website...for free.

Using the search form will take a little getting used to. For instance, the birth year field seems to accept "exact" entries only. So if you enter 1882 and the birth date on the record is 1883, you will not show any hits. Be patient and the site will be productive.

Don't forget, that if you have a Pinellas County library card, you can also get to the census on Heritage Quest if you access the site through your Pinellas County library. The census on Heritage Quest is provided by

So now you have two avenues to do complete census research from home. ( is another site for census research, but often the images are not available on the site.)

Here is the link to Mocavo:  1790-1940 United States Census:

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