Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Turner Bungalow Restoration Project

Heritage Village has a restoration project that is representative of local history and may be of interest to researchers who have ancestors from the Pinellas County area. It is the Turner Bungalow Restoration Project, and I have borrowed shamelessly from the Heritage Village website as follows:

The Turner bungalow was moved from 801 S. Fort Harrison in downtown Clearwater to Heritage Village in January 2014. The historic structure was the home of Alfred Cleveland and Amber Clark Turner and remained in the family throughout its history. The 1915 home is of the distinct Florida vernacular bungalow style of that time period. Heritage Village is seeking donations to restore and preserve the historic value of the structure, providing visitors the opportunity to enjoy and learn from this important piece of Clearwater’s history and the history of Florida vernacular architecture.

To find out more, see this video:  
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