Sunday, August 31, 2014

Find-A-Record Offers Research Assistance

This website could prove valuable in some of your record research. It has a short video that will help explain how the site works.

There are two main aids offered on the site. The first is “Research Assistant.” This will link to your FamilySearch Family Tree and give you suggestions on how to correct your tree entries and how to fill in research gaps.

The second aid is a search geographically for records. It is found on the site home page at the blue box simply labeled “Search.” You enter the name of the place and time frame you are interested in, the type of record you are interested in, whether you want free or paid suggestions, and click “search.” You will be presented with a file by file listing of suggestions on where to find the appropriate records. The suggestions I got in a quick test were basically from FamilySearch, World Vital Records, and, but presumably the sources suggested would vary with the parameters of the search. In all, the process is easy, and may reveal some sources that your own search of those sites did not reveal.

Try it at:  Find-A-Record

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