Friday, October 5, 2012

Incorporation Ledgers Indian Territory & Oklahoma Territory Incorporation Registers

Those of you who have ancestors from the Oklahoma Territory who established businesses will be interested in this website. The Oklahoma Secretary of State and the state historical society have partnered to digitize the territory incorporation records from 1890 to 1907.

Here is the explanation of the site offerings from the site itself:

”The Incorporation Records for the Oklahoma and Indian Territories have been digitized in a joint project with the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office. The ledger books were generated by the Territorial secretary as new businesses and municipalities began conducting business. There are 27 volumes of Oklahoma Territory Incorporation Records and 15 volumes for Indian Territory. Some examples of the entries found in the ledgers include: Agreement & Incorporation, Incorporation Amendment, Appointment of Agent, Dissolution, as well as lease and mortgage transactions. The entries begin in 1890 and continue until statehood is established in 1907.”

As an example, I found that the L. C Smith and Brothers Typewriter Company in 1907 executed an incorporation…and a PDF of the document is available for viewing and download.

You can find the database at OHS Research Center | Incorporation Ledgers Indian Territory & Oklahoma Territory

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