Friday, May 11, 2012

Problems with the Census

We are all familiar with the problems of accuracy we run into when researching the census. At times that leads to frustration and, in some, a questioning of the value of the census. William Dollarhide writing in Genealogy Blog gives an interested review of question areas in the census most subject to errors.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that due to its errors the census is not valuable. Bill goes on to point out that even with its flaws the census is an invaluable genealogical resource. If you go to the census expecting total accuracy, you are missing the point. For the most part the census gives us clues…clues we can use for further research to confirm what the census contains, and for information that goes even beyond what the census offers. For instance, it gives us places of events and date ranges for those events that can lead to successful court house searches as well as the discovery of records at the National Archives. Those are just two examples.

If you would like more on mistakes that can be found in the census, Check out Bill’s article at Census Mistakes

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