Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PGS Annual Seminar on 11 February -- Register Now

This year’s all-day event (8 am to 4 pm) is stacking up to be one of our best. Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, an internationally known author and speaker will present four sessions:
>Forensic Genealogy—CSI Meets Roots. Who? What? When? Where? Are these the words of a genealogist researching his family tree or a forensic scientist solving a mystery? Maybe both! The goal of this presentation is to spark your imagination to discover new ways of looking at your family mysteries.
>Who is Benjaman Kyle? Imagine living without a social security number or a birth certificate...you could not get a job, drive a car, open a bank account. Yet Benjaman Kyle suffers from amnesia and must function under these conditions. Kyle’s story offers insight to genealogists searching for ancestors who have left behind just as few clues about themselves as Kyle has of himself.
>The Dead Horse Investigation. Who is the man in top hat and tails sitting on a dead horse in the middle of the street? Photographs contain many clues about time, place, and people if we have the necessary analytical skills. This fascinating photograph will be used to delve into the world of photo research, analysis, and interpretation.
>The Database Detective. Understanding how to ine databases is critical for genealogical success, especially since the size and number of online databases are growing so rapidly. This talk will not only show us where to look for information, but more importantly, how to look at it.

In addition to Dr. Fitzpatrick, three other presenters will give sessions (you get to choose one). The speakers are Debbe Hagner, Damon Hostetler, and Debra Fleming. Debbe is going to talk on “Researching Funeral Home, Grave Site and Cemetery Records.” Damon is going to talk on “How and Why of Migration.” Debra is going to present “Newspaper Research—Following That Lead.” Each of these speakers has presented at our monthly meetings in the past.

So there you have the complete run down on all of our speakers for the 11 February 2012 seminar. But there is a lot more that will be going on during that day. Don’t forget that your registration fee includes food: continental breakfast, lunch, drinks during the day, and snacks as long as they last.

In between speakers, the book sale will be going full steam, and the featured speaker will be available to chat and will be signing her books for sale. There will be representatives of several historical and lineage societies to chat with, and we will have door prizes and raffles throughout the day.

February 4, 2012 is the deadline for PGS 2012 Seminar registration to take advantage of a significant discount. The cost is $42 for members and $47 otherwise. After that and up to the seminar itself on 11 February, the price goes up to $50.

Those who have attended one of our seminars previously can vouch for how much fun they are and how much you can learn during the day. So new member, old member, or not a member; experienced attendee or first time attendee; new researcher or old hand—get your registration in now. You can pick one up at the Genealogy Center in the Largo Public Library or go to the PGS website at www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~flpgs/

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