Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jamboree at the Cumberland Gap

Because 50 million Americans have ties to the Cumberland Gap, it was the venue for a free public event called the Genealogy Jamboree 2011--Destination Cumberland Gap. There were 3100 + genealogist from 39 states and 2 countries, that had fun and enjoyed the speakers, vendors, exhibitors.

It was such a success that the Date June 7-9, 2012 is now set for a repeat event at the Cumberland Gap later this year.

Organizers are asking that attendees to send in pedigree charts for use during the event. In 2011 about 700 were received and were a big hit. If anyone would like to set up a tent for a family surname, a historical/genealogical author, a society, or a vendor; contact the organizers at their web page: . The facebook page is at This event was free to the public this year and it will be next year. Mark Treadway is the event director

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