Saturday, January 7, 2012

Internet Searches: Some Twists and Some Helps

The online GenealogyInTime Magazine offers a fascinating article on what they call “Ten Innovations in Online Genealogy Search.” The Internet is analyzed by how it is structured and how the data, specifically genealogy data is stored on the Internet. Armed with this information they give us insights to make our searches more productive.

The GenealogyInTime website also provides us some specialized search engines designed for genealogy searches. In reading the article you get not only the insights, but also explanations of, and links to, their search tools.

This is not light reading, so get a cup of your favorite beverage and settle down for some study. Also, this is only part I. You will find a link to Part II at the bottome of the article.

Check it out at Ten Innovations in Online Genealogy Search

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