Saturday, November 19, 2011

Interviewing Relatives

We all know that interviewing relatives is a profitable avenue of genealogy research. It is even “necessary” when you realistically consider the perishability of the information living relatives have.

Al and Dottie Hamilton (PGS members and Bloggers) have posted an article reviewing the process of doing such interviews, giving tips on how to make the session more productive, and even listing suggested questions.

The article is on the “Family Genealogy Tutor” Blog at

If you want another list of questions and you are a PGS member, you can go to the PGS Members-Only website and find one there. It is used each year by the society as one of the sponsors of the Sun Coast Hospice Centenarian Birthday Party. Each of the honorees is assisted in answering the questions, and their responses are used to introduce them during the celebration. It not only provides great information for the honorees’ families, but everyone has an enjoyable time participating in the process.

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