Friday, September 23, 2011

1940 Census Presentation in Tampa

On 22 October from 10:30 to noon at the John Germany Library (900 N. Ashley Dr,, Tampa, Fl.) there will be a presentation on the 1940 census.

The speaker, Shane Bell, is an archivist from the National Archives who will paint a broad picture of what's on the census, how the information was collected and now digitized, and how it is a reflection of the historical times. He will put the census in its socio-economic context.
The 1940 census is the first census after the Great Depression so it will reflect the migration to urban areas. It's the first census to have a short and long form, the first to ask people their income, the first that could be mailed back, and the first to ask people where they had lived 5 years earlier.

The 1940 census will be released next April, but at least for a while will not be indexed for easy searching.

In the December-February timeframe, the PGS will also present a class on the 1940 census…both at the Largo Library and the Aging Well Center in Clearwater. You may want to go to both the Tampa and local events to get multiple perspectives on this important topic.

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