Sunday, February 13, 2011

PGS on the FamilySearch WIKI

If you were at the PGS general meeting in January to hear our Speaker, Drew Smith, you heard him speak on the topic of Wikis.

A Wiki is basically a participatory website...visitors can contribute new information and edit what is posted. They are a unique opportunity to build a knowledge base on various topics. Probably the most well known Wiki is Wikipedia. There are several genealogy Wikis out there, and FamilySearch is one of them.

Drew demonstrated that Wiki and gave us information to arm ourselves to join in. He also pointed out that the Pinellas County page on the FamilySearch Wiki did not have any entry for out genealogy society. Well, following the instruction offered by Drew, I put our information on the site, and it was a easy as Drew indicated in his presentation.

You can see the page at,_Florida#Societies_and_Libraries

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