Friday, January 21, 2011

Everything You Want to Know About Podcasts

Every once in a while in one of our classes or during an exploration of some Internet sites, I will ask the group how many listen to or subscribe to podcasts. The number of hands that go up is surprisingly few. After a short discussion of the subject and perhaps a demonstration of how to access and listen to one, I still get the idea that the technology is a bit intimidating.

A recent article by Dick Eastman in his Online Newsletter may help overcome that intimidation, however. Dick gives as complete a discussion of the topic as I have seen. It ranges from what a podcast is, to how to listen to them, to how you can create one yourself. Along the way he gives links to some of the more popular genealogy podcasts. He even explains how to get to podcasts using mobile devices such as an iPod in addition to using your desktop computer.

There is a wealth of genealogy information carried in podcasts that you do not want to exclude yourself from. If you are new to the technology, read Dick's column at the URL below.

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