Sunday, July 25, 2010

Answer to Quiz 7/22/10

Here is the answer to the question I posted a few day earlier. Go back to the post on 7/22/10 to refresh your memory on the question.

1. By documenting death dates, you can follow up with focused searching in obituaries, mortuary records, cemeteries, and probate records.
2. It is useful for tracing and documenting genetic symptoms and diseases.
3. It may be the only record of death for some individuals.
4. It may be the only record of the existence for children who have no tombstone.

There are more values, of course, and you can hear about them at a new class the PGS is developing on the non-population schedules (mortality, agricultural, manufacturing, etc). Keep checking the class list at our website to see when it is scheduled in the fall and/or spring.

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