Sunday, April 4, 2010

Roots Television Will Continue

In an earlier post I lamented the coming end of Roots Television, that wonderful site run by Megan Smolenyak that is essentially a YouTube for genealogists. Megan thought she was going to have to close the site because of expenses.

Earlier this month she announced that the site would continue, and the addition of advertising would help defray costs. She decided to do this after surveying many of her viewers to see if they would accept the inconvenience of ads if it meant continuing with the site. The overwhelming response was "yes."

This is good news for us all. If you're not a regular viewer of Roots Television, you should check it out ( The videos are entertaining as well as instructional, and Megan is a top-flight genealogist.

You can read a detailed message from Megan on the subject on Dick Eastman's online newsletter at:

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