Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Help in Using Your DNA Test Results

GeneTree specializes in genetic and genealogical services as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. It is trying to fill the gap between a person getting a DNA test and knowing what to do with the results. It sees those services as unique in the marketplace in their ability to expand user's knowledge of their genetic and family history connection.

By bringing together quality genetic tests and family history consulting services, it is designed to help people discover near-term family connections in the last six to ten generations as well as deep ancestral connections.

You can read an extensive review by Dick Eastman at and/or visit the GeneTree site at

GeneTree lets you load your family tree for free on their site. They will also help you analyze your tree to determine which DNA test would be most useful to you. The site has some links to tutorials about DNA and DNA testing if you are a bit in dark about the whole concept.

There is lots to look at and learn from on the GeneTree site before you get around to DNA testing and consulting for which there will be a fee.

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