Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Atlanta Historic Newspapers Available Online

Dick Eastman recently posted an item about the availability of 14 newspaper titles published in Atlanta from 1847 to 1922. What a great resource, especially considering that the Civil War years are covered!

You can search the papers by key words that appear in the articles. If more than one keyword is used, you can elect to see returns that include any of your chosen words, or all of other words, you can choose between an "and" search or an "or" search. You can also search all of the available newspaper titles or any one of them, as well as all of the available years, or any one of those as well. You can also simply browse the papers by title of by year.

One warning, you need to have the DjVu browser installed in order to see the images. The site gives you a link to the free download, however.

Check it out at:

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