Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Evaluate Conflicting Information with Discrepency Charts

Michael Neill writing for tackles a problem all of us are confronted with at one time or another: conflicting information.

The PGS offers a class that deals with evaluating evidence and Michael's article fit right in with that. The title of the article is "Organize the Inconclusive with Discrepancy Charts," and it gives you a couple of examples of his use of the charts.

The discrepancy chart is a way to display all of the relevant information you have about an event, where it comes from, and what the source characteristics are. In other words, it is an evidence evaluation tool. You can see what Michael has to say on the subject at:

Our next class on evaluating evidence (we call it "Elements of Genealogical Proof") is at 10 am on 7 December at the Largo Library.

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