Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elections and New Horizons

I usually don't get involved in expressions of philosophy on this Blog, but our pending election prompts me to make an exception this time.

Elections are a time of renewal for an organization. They are a time when the membership expresses their preference for the direction the organization will take. So often, I think, we forget that. Instead, we simply go through the motions of confirming the slate presented. In part we get into this frame of mind because there typically is only one person running for each position, and many of those running are doing so a second or third time. It is easy to think of the voting process as merely the application of a "rubber stamp."

But make no mistake, an election, regardless of its form or content, is an exercise of choice. This Saturday is the PGS memberships' opportunity to make their choice. So attend the meeting and enjoy the holiday food and fellowship, take in the heirloom displays that people are going to bring, get excited about the drawings for free membership and in-home computer assistance we do, but also be prepared to vote and actively participate in the renewal of our society.

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