Friday, December 11, 2009


I hate to harp on this subject, but renewing your dues is of critical importance. As I have pointed out in other forums, the reason we have been able to keep our dues at the paltry level of $17 a year is because of the size of our membership. The more members we have, the easier it is to keep our dues at that low level.

And look at all the services that your dues support: classes, journal, newsletter, speakers, help at the genealogy desk in the library, various projects that make local genealogy data available to the world, speaker's bureau, field trips, collection development, etc.

Our educational program is second to none in the state, and I would also measure it against other programs nation-wide.

So take a minute and renew your membership. Send your dues to the society at the address below, or bring them to the next meeting (19 Dec at the Largo Public Library).

Here's the address: Pinellas Genealogy Society, 120 Central Park Drive, Largo, Fl, 33771

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