Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Books Await You in the Genealogy Department

I've posted this news in a previous post, but it is worth doing again in case some of you failed to see it. Over the summer we had more than $5000 of new books come into the Genealogy Center. This was a combined effort between the Largo Public Library and the PGS: we suggested the titles and the library bought the books.

The purchases concentrated on the "Old Northwest"; that is, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana, but other states were included also. And, for the first time is such a buy, we concentrated on the publications of local genealogy historical societies societies. As a consequence, the topics were much like the data our society transcribes and makes available to researchers: cemetery canvases, funeral home records, vital statistics for that area, etc. This product of this book buy may save you a trip to a courthouse, or at least make such a trip easier and more profitable.

Regardless of that, check out the state section of the collection of interest to you. You may find that some useful new references have been added since you last looked.

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