Friday, October 2, 2009

PGS Elections in December

Between now and our general meeting on 21 November, the nominating committee will be accepting nominations for PGS board positions. If you are interested in running for office, let Dan Hooper ( or Bill Wallace ( know.

Here are the positions up for election and the terms of office:

2 Years
Finance Director
Education Director
Seminar Director
Corresponding Secretary
Journal Editor

1 Year
Vice President
Project Director
Recording Secretary
Membership Coordinator

Some of the board members are considering running for another term, but that should not deter anyone who is interested in serving. Serving on the PGS board of directors is an honor, and gives you the ability to move the organization to bigger and better things. Seriously consider your level of committment to the PGS and then let the nominating committee know of your interest before the November general meeting on the 21st.

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