Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Computer Installed at the Genealogy Center

The Pinellas Genealogy Society has installed a new computer at the Largo Library Genealogy Center. It is to be used to view the CD-ROM collection, so it is conveniently located next the to CD storage cabinets. It is a "stand-alone computer." That means it is not connected to the Internet, thus emphasizing it's use as a means to view the CD-ROM collection.

There already is one computer the can be used to view the CD-ROM collection (it is the work station immediately to the left of the printer), but that is often in use by patrons doing Internet genealogy research. This second computer will prevent any wait time for those interested in the CD's.

There are instructions located next to the computer, and genealogy consultants are available if you run into problems. Just be patient as everyone comes up to speed on things. The consultants are in a "learning mode" right now too. The instructions, however, have been tested by a couple of different people and should be fairly easy to follow.

The computer I have been referring to as "new" is new to the library, but it certainly is not new in age. The workstation, consisting of a tower, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, and battery backup, was brought together by several generous PGS members. Thanks goes to Ed Deming, Flo Bickle, and Sally Brown for donating all the pieces.

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