Monday, October 26, 2009

Drawing Prizes for PGS Members at Monthly Meetings

If you have been attending the monthly meetings of the PGS, you will have noticed a new agenda item starting with the meeting in September. We now conclude each meeting with a couple of drawings.

One of them is for various prizes (back issues of the Pinellas Genealogist, a Largo Library key chain are examples). Any member who signs in the attendance book and is present for the drawing is eligible to win.

The second drawing is again only for members present at the drawing, but those interested in the prize have to specifically enter their name. The prize is a free, in-home, computer instruction session. The topics of the session are determined by the winner, but suggestions are "how to use a genealogy program" (e.g., Family Tree Maker of Roots Magic)," computer file organization," "recording sources," "using a scanner or camera to capture images," etc.). The topics should be genealogy and computer oriented, but the winner has free-reign after that.

If you have not been to a meeting lately, you have not only missed the drawings, but also the refreshments and the social time after the meeting. It is a great time to compare notes with other researchers and to spend time talking 1-on-1 with our guest speaker.

If you need more information about the meetings, check out our website at:

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