Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Organizing" Class Cancelled Due to Power Outage

Tonight at 6 pm there was to be a class at the Largo Library titled "Organizing Your Paper and Electronic Files." Unfortunately it had to be cancelled. Just before 5 pm a nearby lightning strike cut the power and set off all sorts of alarms in the library. By 5:45 pm power restoration was nowhere in sight so the decision was made to close the library...so much for the organizing class.

I hung around to intercept as many class attendees as I could recognize to give them a handout and thank them for coming. I found 4. If I missed any of you, my apologies.

The class on organizing is a fundamental one so it will come around again. In fact, it is on the schedule for 17 December at 10 am, so mark your calendar if you missed this one. The schedule for December has not been published yet, so don't look for it just now. Expect to see it in late October or early November.

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