Thursday, June 11, 2009

UK Census Maps From 1871 Now Online

Thanks to Dick Eastman for this alert:

“Cassini Publishing, in partnership with The National Archives, has released a unique set of historical maps on-line. For the first time, digital versions of the original Registration District maps from the 1871 census are available to browse and download. The original Registration District maps are stored with The National Archives in Kew, London. This set of maps is the only known collection in the world and offers a fascinating snapshot of how England and Wales were administered at the time of the 1871 census.

“At the Cassini Maps site, you can:
>Find any location in England and Wales
>Create your own personalized maps centered on this point
>Explore how the landscape has changed over time
>Understand the world your ancestors inhabited
>Discover long-lost place names, villages, mills, woodlands, mines, railways, canals, farms... “

The maps are free to view online, however, there is a charge to download them.
You can find the maps at:

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