Thursday, April 23, 2009

MacFamilyTree 5.5 is Now in Public Beta

This is for you Mac users out there. You are probably more familiar with the software than I am, but here is a news release that I thought would be of interest. The following was written by Synium Software:

Not long ago we released MacFamilyTree 5.4 with many improvements and a lot of new features. But MacFamilyTree 5.5 raises the bar even higher. Ever wanted to know who governed a country at the time of your great great grandmother? MacFamilyTree's brand new History Database allows you to view every person or family event in a greater historical context: Browse hundreds of predefined entries; or add your own data of global and regional relevance. Our sample events are fully-localized and integrate with, your own entries may easily be linked to Web URLs, too.But MacFamilyTree 5.5 Public Beta delivers even more improvements: Users with huge family trees will appreciate MacFamilyTree's completely rewritten genealogy database technology. GEDCOM import, as well as viewing and editing of information in your family tree is much faster now.

Although this Public Beta of MacFamilyTree 5.5 has been submitted to heavy internal testing, crashes and even the loss of data cannot be completely ruled out. Please make a backup of your family tree before upgrading to MacFamilyTree 5.5.

Download MacFamilyTree 5.5 Public Beta at and check out the new features.

Thanks to Dick Eastman for bringing this article to our attention.

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