Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drew Smith Talks about Blogs and Wikis

We at PGS again thank Drew Smith for his down-to-earth and understandable presentation today on establishing and using Blogs and Wikis to share genealogy research and family history.

After the meeting, I talked to several attendees who said they did not realize it was so easy to get started and were going to go home and try it. Even those who said they probably would not start a Blog, said they learned a lot about the purposes of having one to further genealogical research and that would help them as Blog readers, if not Blog writers.

Drew also told us about the Florida Genealogical Society Seminar coming up on 26 September, with Elizabeth Shown Mills as the primary speaker. Browse down to the 10 April post in this Blog for more information and a point of contact for a registration form. Registration forms are also on the desk in the Largo Public Library Genealogy Center while they last.

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