Saturday, April 25, 2009

Digital Genealogy Magazines and Journals

Randy Seaver in his Blog titled "Genea-Musings" recently mused about the increasing number of genealogy periodicals that are being offered in electronic format. Some offer that format alone, and some still offer print, but at a higher price.

The cost of print is becoming prohibitive for some publishers, and digital format is a logical avenue to pursue. We at PGS have discussed the possibility of offering the Pinellas Genealogist in digital format, but our readers were not if favor of that, and we have been able to bear the costs so far. That course may be in our future, however, so we are watching with interest the experience others are having with digital formats.

Randy, in his article, gives a good survey of major periodicals that are offered digitally. Some you may be interested in if you are not already aware of them. Read his article at:

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