Monday, February 23, 2009

New Census Class: "Census Perspectives"

Many of you have been to our census class titled "Census Tracking." Now there is a new census class called "Census Perspectives." If you have been to the first one, you will certainly benefit from the new one. If the tracking class can be thought of as "Census 101," the perspectives class is "Census 201."

This new class goes into depth on much of the information found on the census besides what is needed to track people from one census to the other. It looks at information categories such as property, marriage, occupations, military service, immigration, education, and naturalization.

The class follows those categories through the census years by examining the actual instructions given to census enumerators in order to understand the responses given by our ancestors. And time lines are constructed for each of the areas to see what is revealed by changes in them from census to census.

If the tracking class looks at the census as a series of snapshots, the perspectives class looks at the census as a motion picture.

The first of these new classes is offered on Tuesday, 3 March at 6 pm in the Local History Room of the library. If you are interested in attending, notify Bob Bryan [ or 727-595-4521] to reserve a seat. The class is free but seating is limited.

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