Friday, October 3, 2008

PGS Town Hall Meeting

Our town hall meeting is a chance to express opinions and ideas, address issues, and ask questions about the inner workings of PGS in an informal atmosphere. Although we have a short business meeting at the start of every monthly meeting, there is seldom time to dig into operational matters of the PGS or to give time to items that may be of interest to the membership....such as financial plans, educational issues, policy questions, plans for the future, and library relations.

On 14 October in the Local History Room of the library, we will have two town hall sessions: one at 2 PM and the other at 6 PM. Two sessions are scheduled so that most member's schedules can be accommodated. Each of the sessions is scheduled for about 2 hours.

The discussion will be free-flowing and follow the path that those in attendance choose by virtue of their questions. Whether you can come for the entire time or only part of it, if you have questions/issues about PGS business, come and let your voice be heard.

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