Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Instruction on Using the New Microform Reader

An earlier post on this Blog told you about the new piece of equipment now located in the Genealogy Department that is used to read microfilm and micofiche. It is attached to a computer that allows editing, printing, and saving of the images being read.

On 30 October a representative from the company that makes that equipment will be at the library to demonstrate it, and in particular show how the editing software that comes with it can be used to impove to quality and read-ability of poor images. He will be available the entire morning for these demonstrations, although no formal schedule is is a matter of simply dropping in and asking for the demonstration.

If you have not explored our microfilm or microfice collection because of the difficulty in using the old reader/printer or because of the poor quality of the output, drop by and learn how remarkably improved the viewed or printed image can become. And if you are interested but cannot make it on the 30th, let me know (; 727-535-3093) and we'll arrange a session more convenient for you.

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