Sunday, September 7, 2008

A New Way to Support the PGS

We now have an “Adopt-a-State” program for the Genealogy Department of the library. Under this program, you can volunteer to keep a state section of the genealogy books in order. This means that at least two times a month you will carve out time to visit your chosen state section to straighten up the shelves and ensure that the books have been shelved in the correct order.
Patrons often try to help by re-shelving the books they use, and sometimes get them out of order. Then the next person looking for that book gets frustrated because the book appears not to be available. Your assistance under the Adopt-a-State program will be a great help. Not only will it make resources more available, but the genealogy department will be a more pleasant place to visit and do research...and YOU get to see new additions to the state collection first.

SO HOW DO YOU DO IT? Simply let me, Peter Summers, know of your desire to participate (727-535-3093; A short orientation session will be arranged and you will on your way.

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