Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Largo Library Genealogy Librarian Departs

As many of you know by now, Carla Kerns, our genealogy librarian at the Largo Library has left for a new position at the Seminole Library. Her last day with us was Friday, 19 September. At the PGS monthly meeting on the 20th we had a chance to formally say goodbye to Carla and she had an opportunity to address the membership. We are sorry to see Carla leave, of course, but we cannot deny our happiness at her opportunity to advance.

The good news is that although Carla is leaving the Largo Library, she is not leaving PGS. She intends to stay involved as a member and so we will see her at monthly meetings, making some presentations, and possibly as a project volunteer.

The library administration is now considering how to deal with the vacancy created by Carla’s departure, and the PGS board is staying close to that decision. In the mean time, the PGS Library Coordination Committee and the genealogy consultants will continue to work as they always have to provide support to the patrons. We will let you know as news in this area develops.

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