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Pinellas County Florida Marriage Records Index

13969  items from 1905  to 1936

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Spouse 1Spouse 2Marriage DateCountyStateBookCertificatePage
***************No Entry for Cert # 591*BLANK  10 45
[?]ssery, RaymondAlderman, Mildred02 Nov 1928  10 117
AARON, CharlieJONES, Annie10/29/1925PinellasFL04 2883
ABBEY, Annie MayABBEY, Theodore Howell6/20/1918PinellasFL02844 
ABBEY, George E.STEPHENS, Helen Arvilla6/12/1923PinellasFL04 1858
Abbott, Allison N.Jones, Carrie02 Apr 1928  09 400
ABBOTT, Curtis WarrenFRANKLIN, Beulah Waters4/16/1926PinellasFL04 3263
Abbott, Ernest R.Hammock, Alma O 30-Dec-1934PinellasFL144748124
Abend, BenRaines, Anna28 Dec. 1926PinellasFL08 3687
Abernathy, Charles FrankSanders, Katherine E.BLURRY  11 270
Ables, ChesterMoore, Margaret04-May-1935PinellasFL145134317
Aboline, Edwin C. Grouts, Myrah23 Jun 1928  10 35
ABRAMS, Leonard WiltonDUNBAR, Lyta5/20/1924PinellasFL04 2176
ABRENS, Henry S.ARMSTRONG, Opal M.1/2/1926PinellasFL04 3010
ACKLEY, Russel WarringGARDNER, Kathryn9/5/1925PinellasFL04 2787
ACKLEY, Samuel S.BEALES, Allie1/23/1926PinellasFL04 3065
Acklin, Ernest B.Page, Evelyn Hall01 Jan 1934PinellasFL133934217
Acosta, Chas A.Capo, Rena M.14 Dec 1929  10 448
Acton, Richard C.Livingston, Virginia C.10 Apr 1929  10 257
Acuff, Arthur VincentTrubey, Violet A31 Aug 1929  10 376
Adair, Gary D.Richardson, Laura A.27-Dec-1934PinellasFL144743122
ADAMEK, FrankADAMEK, Emilie4/4/1923PinellasFL04 1813
ADAMEK, JohnHAUPTMAN, Emilie12/25/1912PinellasFL0188 
ADAMS, Albert L.BRASS, Gola4/30/1919PinellasFL02958 
ADAMS, AlexanderCLARK, Elizabeth Fergison5/23/1925PinellasFL04 2645
ADAMS, BarbaraTAYLOR, N. C.3/18/1918PinellasFL02805 
Adams, Boykin ThomasGainey, Mary Jane12 Aug 1932PinellasFL123055278
ADAMS, Carl E.ODOM, Mae4/25/1925PinellasFL04 2616
ADAMS, CharlesSIMMONS, Annie B.2/22/1915PinellasFL01397 
ADAMS, Charles G.MOORE, Annie Mae7/21/1926PinellasFL04 3433
Adams, Claude G.Jones, Clarrissa07 Dec 1931PinellasFL12263869
Adams, ClydeAllen, Lottie Mae14 Sep 1933PinellasFL133720110
Adams, Daniel BertonSlate, Ellen Gould10 Mar 1931  11 339
ADAMS, EdnaALLEN, Alfred6/21/1913PinellasFL01170 
Adams, Elwood VernonHayes, Velma Alice03 Dec 1932PinellasFL123195348
Adams, FredWhitfield, Mildred11 Jun 1931  11 441
Adams, George BerryBusby, Lillian RuthBLURRY  11 272
Adams, HaroldTompkins, Irene29 Oct 1933PinellasFL133792146
ADAMS, Harold E.THOMPSON, Eugenia12/27/1924PinellasFL04 2407
ADAMS, HenriettaPHILLIPS, Ben12/21/1920PinellasFL031273 
ADAMS, Hugh A.FARR, Ada12/20/1922PinellasFL04 1726
ADAMS, JackGREEN, Henrietta12/21/1924PinellasFL04 2387
ADAMS, James HarrisNORRIS, Jewel6/7/1924PinellasFL04 2186
Adams, John B.Carr, Bessie E.20 Feb 1931  11 325
Adams, LawrenceWalker, Maggie19 Dec 1928  10 149
Adams, Lawrence MonroeGordon, Juliet Louise20 Jul 1934PinellasFL134412456
ADAMS, LeroyLEWIS, Amelia7/25/1915PinellasFL01458 
ADAMS, LutherDUPONT, Marie I.8/10/1925PinellasFL04 2792
ADAMS, MajorJOHNSON, Nina1/28/1916PinellasFL02518 
Adams, RaymondHuff, Inez07-Apr-1935PinellasFL145052276
Adams, RuebenMoore, Annie Belle20 Dec 1928  10 150
Adams, S. A.Miller, Pearlie11 Oct 1927  09 61
Adams, S.D. Jr.Chaucey, Isabelle27 Apr 1928  09 460
ADAMS, Sherman W. W.TURNER, Marie Lou3/16/1916PinellasFL02536 
Adams, SydneyMiller, Nannie Mae14 Jan 1931  11 291
ADAMS, WillieBILLINGSLEA, Mary4/5/1926PinellasFL04 3225
Adcock, Frank E.Mee, Frances04 Jun 1927  08 3921
Adcock, Frank ElmerLatham, Helen Strong14-Oct-1936PinellasFL156485493
Adcock, LouieAnderson, Lila04 Oct 1929  10 395
Addington, Basil DonaldWeidman, Mary Frances05 Jun 1929  10 314
ADDISON, Pearl JennieCARPENTER, Fred Hook6/7/1913PinellasFL01164 
Addison, WilliamPerry, Ruth Inez09-Nov-1935PinellasFL15556030
Adeimy, Elie J.seroor, Anne10-May-1936PinellasFL156106303
ADEMA, MartinHEATH, Ella12/3/1923PinellasFL04 1996
Adkinson, James A.Pearson, Laura Marguerite16 May 1927  08 3872
ADONIS or ADAMS, DaisyBENNETT, Henry7/3/1916PinellasFL02581 
ADRIAANSEN, ThomasGROVEN, Cora1/21/1913PinellasFL0197 
ADRIAANSEN, ThomasVANHORN, Lula3/4/1925PinellasFL04 2493
Adriance, George U.Silcox, Sally Inness21-Mar-1936PinellasFL155900200
Aerts, Robert J.Zahm, Anna M.11-May-1935PinellasFL145153327
AFFORD, RebeccaHAWKINS, Arthur9/13/1919PinellasFL021000 
AGER, George W.ROOKER, Adelia4/6/1925PinellasFL04 2542
AHEARN, Charles K.WOODRUFF, Clara E.1/19/1925PinellasFL04 2428
AHEARN, Eugene J.DAVIS, Marie Kathleen1/21/1924PinellasFL04 2051
Ahend, BenRaines, Anna27 Dec 1926  08 3687
Ahlgrim, H. RoyDelamater, Olive Elizabeth14-Jun-1936PinellasFL156204352
AHLGRIN, H. RoyMITCHELL, Margaret O.4/29/1925PinellasFL04 2595
AIDEN, ToniCOLER, Bessie Mae3/9/1926PinellasFL04 3164
AIKENS, EarlyWASHINGTON, Emma8/3/1918PinellasFL02862 
AIKENS, MamieDAVIS, Joe10/17/1917PinellasFL02736 
AIKENS, SusieMILLER, Homer9/4/1917PinellasFL02722 
AIKENS, W. M.ECHOLS, Serena11/19/1913PinellasFL01223 
AIKINS, william C.WILLIAMS, Mary Mae10/28/1925PinellasFL04 2882
AITCHISON, HectorGUMEAR, Adele11/17/1917PinellasFL02744 
Akens, EllisHaynes, Bernice19 May 1930  11 100
AKERMAN, John LeoBISHOP, Dorothy Ann3/12/1925PinellasFL04 2506
Akers, HubertWhite, Marion26 Mar 1934PinellasFL134148324
Akers, James D.Hopkins, Katie06 May 1929  10 289
Akin, DeanTrice, Martha24-Jun-1936PinellasFL156240370
Akins, D. A.Prince, Mary07 Mar 1927  08 3783
AKINS, Harold P.DISEL, Vera T.4/10/1926PinellasFL04 3258
Akins, MarionHoydic, Cherrel Ann21-Mar-1935PinellasFL145002251
Akins, RichardChilds, Roberta28 Oct. 1926PinellasFL08 3607
Akins, RichardChilds, Roberta28 Oct 1926  08 3607
ALAHOZOS, GeorgeVELOCHATI, Sylvia8/3/1925PinellasFL04 2732
ALAHUZOS, GeorgeCAMERON, Julia7/15/1919PinellasFL02978 
ALBAUGH, Esten F.MEYER, Hildreth E.6/18/1916PinellasFL02575 
ALBEE, Roy F.WALKER, Marie Martin4/5/1924PinellasFL04 2118
ALBERT, RaleighSQUIRE, Susie8/27/1922PinellasFL04 1662
ALBERT, William J.RAINER, Marjorie3/25/1925PinellasFL04 2524
ALBRAY, LouisCLARK, Clemetine8/13/1924PinellasFL04 2259
Albright, George J.Martin, Julia Ella13 Sep 1929  10 383
ALBRITTON, Henry L.BYRD, Annie7/4/1920PinellasFL031200 
ALBRITTON, JosephMATHEWS, Fannie11/1/1913PinellasFL01216 
Albritton, WillieSmith, Malissa03 Mar 1927  08 3781
Albury, CarltonPilkinton, Willie31 May 1934PinellasFL134303402
ALCOCK, Alfred G.BRUSE, Leona6/17/1925PinellasFL04 2660
Alcott, Roland Sidney ElwoodKarnes, Rosalie Ruth25-May-1935PinellasFL145174337
Alden, Hinds C.Dekle, Arimeta05 Jun 1933PinellasFL13356533
Alderman, AndersonThomas, Lanora20 Oct 1930  11 210
ALDERMAN, Edward E.CANNON, Edna E.2/5/1926PinellasFL04 3113
Alderman, HendrixAlderman, Evelyn E.30-Sep-1935PinellasFL145473487
ALDERMAN, James A.PURDY, Annie Laurie6/10/1917PinellasFL02690 
Alderman, James L.Ransone, Ruth12 Sep 1933PinellasFL133707104
Alderman, JesseCollins, Lessie12 Jul 1927  08 3937
Alderman, Jesse M.Holt, Vera24 May 1931  11 425
ALDERMAN, LewisBUSS, Twila4/5/1914PinellasFL01284 
Alderman, Oscar RayDavis, Pearle V.21 May 1928  09 491
Alderman, W. DillardCarter, Edna E.02-Jul-1935PinellasFL145282391
Aldrich, EugeneBrown, Annie Bell20 Apr 1929  10 275
Aldrich, Wylie EugeneStrickland,Selina05 Mar 1930  11 25
ALDRIDGE, Lonnie O.PERT, Ruby10/15/1923PinellasFL04 1959
ALEXANDER, EddieBRISTO, Annie Mae9/9/1925PinellasFL04 2783
Alexander, ErvinBryant, Margaret28 Mar 1934PinellasFL134126313
ALEXANDER, Franklin J.STEARNS, Mildred C.6/12/1926PinellasFL04 3373
Alexander, Harold G.Mowrer, Margaret Ruth20-Jun-1935PinellasFL145243372
ALEXANDER, Joseph W.TOBER, Olga7/9/1923PinellasFL04 1896
Alexander, Jr., Clairbourne NealScarlett, Frances Josephine14 Apr 1933PinellasFL123480490
Alexander, Lynwood B.Stephens, Belle12 Nov 1929  10 426
ALFONSO, AlpedoTHOMAS, Hilda Merle4/14/1919PinellasFL02945 
ALFONSO, SaraCORROUS, Francisco5/2/1918PinellasFL02821 
ALFORD, A. B.FOY, Leila9/1/1914PinellasFL01339 
ALFORD, Arthur HenrySHANDS, Lizzie2/3/1923PinellasFL04 1761
ALFORD, DennisKELLEY, Carmilla3/31/1913PinellasFL01129 
ALFORD, FannieDYAL, Alexander4/15/1916PinellasFL02550 
Alfred, Rupert M.Townsend, Lina Clay14 Sep 1929  10 389
ALGER, Clara E.STROBLE, Edgel E.5/15/1916PinellasFL02705 
ALIFANTI, EllenSKLERIS, James S.5/2/1913PinellasFL01148 
Alison, Joseph D.Liggett, Martha W.10 Apr 1929  10 261
ALIX, MosesGREEN, Catharine12/30/1914PinellasFL01374 
Allbright, Norman J.Morrison, Dorothy17 Nov 1931PinellasFL12260452
ALLBRITTON, Jr., Owen S.AKERMAN, Wathen K.3/12/1925PinellasFL04 2506
Allegood, Heber R. Fields, Elma01 Feb 1930  10 490
ALLEN, AntieARTIES, Johnie May4/30/1914PinellasFL01310 
ALLEN, BishopBALLOON, Rubie4/6/1926PinellasFL04 2563
ALLEN, Charles F.SYMONDS, Mary Ruth10/6/1923PinellasFL04 1953
ALLEN, ChesterJOHNSON, Hattie3/16/1919PinellasFL02931 
ALLEN, Clarence E.McGEHEE, Martha11/30/1925PinellasFL04 2933
ALLEN, DanallenMILES, Laura1/27/1920PinellasFL031115 
Allen, David Jackson, Eliza11 May 1934PinellasFL134275388
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