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Pinellas County Marriage Records

      In 1995, Patricia Bennett began extracting indexing data for the Pinellas County marriage records from the official index on microfilm at the Pinellas County Court House. This index covered Florida’s First Century (1845-1945) of Pinellas County marriages. Linda Carpenter joined the project in 1995 as database manager.

      Both Linda and Pat had to move away from the Pinellas County area in 1997, Bennett to Punta Gorda, Florida and Carpenter to North Fort Myers, Florida. At that time they had only indexed through the letter “D”, approximately 8,300 records. There the work stopped for awhile.

      In 2002, the Board of Directors of the Pinellas Genealogy Society agreed to begin purchasing the microfilms of the actual marriage records to work from in lieu of the index microfilm. As a result, the focus of the project has shifted from an alphabetical orientation to a chronological one.

      The first roll of microfilm, 1911-1930, was sent to Linda Carpenter. Her efforts entail comparing the microfilmed records with the computerized indexing of letters that has been done (A-D) for each year and then adding entries E-Z for a particular year.

     Special note should be made that the Pinellas County Courthouse microfilm index does not include any of the 1914 or 1915 marriage records for some reason. These have been added by working from the actual marriage records.

      The actual records can be viewed in the microfilm collection at the Largo Public Library Genealogy Center.

Please click here  for the index page, which includes data from 1905 through 1936 and books 1 through 15.

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