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Surname Index

Surname Index for volumes 10, 13, 15-35 (published 1983, 1990, 1991-2013)

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AARON, Charlie1828
Aavery, John R.2341
ABALY, Hattie1949
ABBEY, Annie May1828
ABBEY, Carrie M.1317,18
ABBEY, Chauncey1318
ABBEY, Douglas Nathan1318
ABBEY, Elwyn E.1318
ABBEY, George D.1317
ABBEY, George Henry1828
ABBEY, Henry Clay1711
ABBEY, Lorena1318
ABBEY, Lucile1318
ABBEY, Morris G.1318
ABBEY, Nathan1318
ABBEY, Percy J.1317
ABBEY, Theodore Howell1828
ABBEY, Willis C.1318
ABBOT, Elijah1667
ABBOT, Francis A.135
ABBOT, Samuel168
ABBOT, Thomas D.135
ABBOT, Timothy168
Abbott, George F.29102
ABBOTT, Curtis Warren1828
ABBOTT, Dessie1828
ABBOTT, Neil W.159
Abbott, T. J.2188
ABBOTT, Timothy168
Abdereti, Don2350
ABEL, Carrie F.1828
Abel, Herbert2851
Abela, Charles2762, 88
Abela, Charles2837, 66, 94
ABENE, Frances1828
Abernathy, Ida M.29102
Abernathy, Bertha2531
Abernathy, George2643
Abernathy, Ida2639
Abernathy, Sindey2531
ABERNETHY, Grace3347
Abling, E.21100
Abraham, W.2450
Abramoitz, Joseph2625
Abrams, H.2111
Abrams, Helen2638
ABRAMS, Ivy Zimmerman1730
Abrams, J. E.2111
Abrams, James2639
ABRAMS, Leonard Wilton1828
Abshier, W. F.2548
Acher, C. L.2265
Acher, H.2265
ACHESON, Lida "Lula"135
Acker, Grace B.29102
Acker, John W.29102
Ackerman, Barbara239
Ackerman, Bennett238, 9
Ackerman, Bessie239
Ackerman, Danny239
Ackerman, Debra239
Ackerman, Donald239
Ackerman, Dorothy239
Ackerman, Frank238, 9
Ackerman, Grace238, 9
Ackerman, Harry238, 9
Ackerman, Irvan238, 9
Ackerman, Jack E.238, 9
Ackerman, Jeffery239
ACKERMAN, Nathan161
Ackerman, Nathan238, 9
Ackerman, Saul238, 9
Ackerman, Thelma239
Ackerman, Tillie238, 9
Ackerman, Tom239
Ackerman, Vera239
Ackerman, Virginia239
Ackerman, Zoe M.238, 9
Ackerson, Bessie238
Ackert, Annie L.D.2665
Ackert, Charles H.2666
ACKLEY, Russel Warring1828
Acklin, Beulah2571
Acklin, Roy2571
Ackroyd, Margaret2868
Acres, Mary J.2531
Acres, Wilson H.2531
Acuff, J. D.2247
Acuff, L.2113
Acuff, L.2247
Adair, Irving J.2530
ADAIR, Mary1828
ADAIR, Virginia Pauline1012
Adam, Laureta G.2531
Adam, William H.2531
ADAMEK, Emilie1828
ADAMEK, Frank1828
ADAMEK, John1828
ADAMEK, John2912,42
ADAMS Carrie1828
ADAMS, Adolphus J.3167
Adams, Allan29102
Adams, Dorothy B.29102
ADAMS, Joseph W.3167
Adams, Marjorie Quick29102
Adams, Mattie P.29102
Adams, Noah Preston29102
ADAMS, Samuel J3167
ADAMS, Wm H.3167
Adams, A S.2628, 57, 88
Adams, A. Julian2531
ADAMS, Albert L.1828
ADAMS, Alexander1828
Adams, Andrew A.2665
Adams, Anna S.2695
Adams, Anna S.277
ADAMS, Barbara1828
Adams, Capt.2154, 55, 86
ADAMS, Carl E.1828
ADAMS, Caroline1663
Adams, Charles254, 6
ADAMS, Charles2912,74
ADAMS, Daisy1828
ADAMS, Ebenezer1533
ADAMS, Edna1828
ADAMS, Edna2912
Adams, Edna M.2362
ADAMS, Eliza Jane1828,72
ADAMS, Elizabeth1828
ADAMS, Emaline164
Adams, Eugenia268
Adams, F.20(1) 14
Adams, Fannie A.2711
Adams, Frank H.267
ADAMS, Harmon1660
ADAMS, Harold E.1828
Adams, Helen2712
ADAMS, Henrietta1828
Adams, Hiram268
ADAMS, Hugh A.1828
ADAMS, Ione164
ADAMS, Isabel H.1828
Adams, J. H.21 
ADAMS, Jack1828
ADAMS, James Harris1828
Adams, Jesse2672
Adams, Jno.2666
ADAMS, Joan16102
Adams, Joel267, 8,66
ADAMS, John1828
ADAMS, Josephine1732
ADAMS, Julia Ruth Douglass1627
Adams, K.P.2254
Adams, Lauretta2868
ADAMS, Lauretta L.3167
Adams, Leland C.2665
ADAMS, Leroy2912,47
ADAMS, Linnie2912,75
ADAMS, Luther1828
ADAMS, Mabel1828
Adams, Maggie267
ADAMS, Major1828
ADAMS, Margaret1828
Adams, Margaret2531
ADAMS, Martha C.3167
Adams, Mary268, 105
ADAMS, Mary2912,79
Adams, Mary A.2868
Adams, Mary M.2665
Adams, Morgan2668
Adams, Oliver2620
Adams, Priscilla2722
Adams, R. A.2712
Adams, R. P.2111
Adams, S. F.2549
Adams, Sam2376
Adams, Samuel2379
Adams, Samuel2868
ADAMS, Sarah E.3167
ADAMS, Sherman W. W.1828
Adams, Sidney I.2711
ADAMS, Susan1533
Adams, T. H.2111
Adams, Thomas B.2362
Adams, Thomas P.2415
Adams, Toby2450
Adams, William H.2868
Adams, William J.2666
ADAMS, Willie1828
ADAMS, Wrennie1631
Adams, Zola Belle26103
Adamson, E. E.2450
Adcock, Kathy Marie29102
Addenbrooke, Capt2350
ADDERLEY, William G.3139
ADDERLEY, Louise3139
Adderly, Mary3139
Addington, John H.2616
ADDISON, Ava Dixye2912,43
ADDISON, Pearl Jennie1828
ADDISON, Pearl Jennie2912,17
Adeline, Martin2712
ADEMA, Martin1828
Adema, Mr.2798
ADERHOLD, Jacob William1660
ADERHOLD, Marcus Alexander1759
ADKENS, Wiat18105
Adkins, A E.2628, 57, 88
Adkins, A. E.2427, 51, 82, 98
Adkins, A. E.25118
Adkins, Anna2691
Adkins, Anna E.2523, 57, 89
Adkins, Anna E.2695
Adkins, Anna E.277, 39, 62, 88
Adkins, Bette271
ADKINS, Catherine Mae1828
Adkins, J. W.2293
ADKINS, Oliver M.1828
Adkison, B. A.2712
Adkison, Patricia2711
Adolphus, Alice2697
Adolphus, Joseph2697
ADONIS, Daisy1828
ADRIAANSEN, Cornelia1828
ADRIAANSEN, Thomas1828
ADRIAANSEN, Thomas2912,23
AFFORD, Rebecca1828
AFONCO, Anna Joaquina189
AGEE, Drusilla1793
AGEE, James1793
AGEE, Mathieu1793
AGEE, Noah1793
Agen, A.2270
Agen, Piquets2379
AGER, George W.1828
Agerter, Carlotta H.29102
Aggoitss, Dimitrius2723
Agnew, S. A.2548
Agnew, Violetta2253
Agnew, Violetta2614
AHEARN, Charles K.1828
AHEARN, Eugene J.1828
Ahern, Edward P.2769
AHLGRIN, H. Ray1828
Ahligrim, Archie S.267
Aho, Robert Clyde29102
AHR, Louis175
Aiken, Herbert Mrs.289
Aiken, Herbert P.2711, 41
Aiken, Jane2670
Aiken, Laura2740
Aiken, Laura2810
Aiken, Walter2712
Aikens, David King2626
AIKENS, Early1828
AIKENS, Mamie1829
AIKENS, Mamie2912,21
AIKENS, Susie1829
AIKENS, W. M.1829
AIKENS, W. M.2912,20
Aikin, Grant J.2531
Aikin, Maude E.2531
AIKIN, William C.1829
AINSLEY, Joanna3477
AINSLIE, Geo H3167
AINSLIE, Virginia3167
Aitchison, Archibald2868
AITCHISON, Hector1829
AITKEN, Jessie L.1829
AJZENMAN, Ezra3499
Ake, Isador2743
Aken, David29102
AKENS, Ellie1829
AKERLY, Carey N.1633
AKERMAN, John Leo1829
AKERMAN, Wathan K.1829
Akers, David A.2638
AKINS, Jennie Mae1829
ALACHUZON, Kalliopi1829
ALAHOZOS, George1829
Alaria, A.2141
Albach, Annie E.2531
Albach, Newton G.2531
Albaugh, Dr. Andrew P.3139
Albaugh, Peter3139
ALBAUGH, Adda F.3139
ALBAUGH, Esten F.1829
ALBAUGH, Iva I.2947,12
Albee, Harry W.3139
ALBEE, Myrtie J. M.3139
ALBEE, Roy F.1829
ALBERT, Duke159
ALBERT, King of Belgium161
ALBERT, Maggie1829
ALBERT, Raleigh1829
Albert, S.20(2) 3
ALBERT, William J.1829
ALBERY, Sam1829
ALBIENTZ, Emily1633
ALBINO, Petronilla175
ALBRAY, Louis1829
ALBREY, Blanche H.2972,12
ALBRIGHT, Owen3167
Albright, Mary E.2341
Albright, Owen2531
Albrighton, B.20(1) 10
Albritin, T.20(3) 14
ALBRITTEN, Hattie Mae1829
Albritton, E.2293
ALBRITTON, Henry L.1829
Albritton, James T.2666
ALBRITTON, Joseph2948,12
Albritton, M.2293
Albritton, O.S.2665
ALBRITTON, Owens Jr.1829
ALBURN, Cora M.135
ALBURN, Hannah135
ALBURN, James135
Albury, Celesta J.2641
ALBURY, Celesta Josephine1829
Albury, J. H.2111
Albury, J.H.268
Albury, James267
Albury, L. R. B.2111
ALBURY, Martha1829
ALBURY, William B.1829
ALCOCK, Alfred G.1829
ALDEN (MULLINS), Pricilla2927
Alden, J.21110
ALDEN, John1515
ALDEN, John2927
ALDEN, John3487
Aldenhoven, Edna2397
Aldenhoven, John2397
Alderete, Don2350
Alderman McMullen2467
Alderman, Andrew3139
Alderman, James W.3139
Alderman, Louis L3139
Alderman, William W3139
Alderman, A. A.2175
Alderman, Albert2798
Alderman, Andrew2393
ALDERMAN, Geraldine1829,72
ALDERMAN, Geraldine2912,13
ALDERMAN, James A.1829
ALDERMAN, Julia3139
ALDERMAN, Katherine1631
ALDERMAN, Lewis2916,12
Alderman, M.2175
ALDERMAN, Martha1663
Alderman, Mattie2393
ALDERMAN, Nannie1732
Alderman, Nannie26103
ALDERMAN, Odus1660
ALDERMAN, Rachel165
ALDERMAN, Richard1660,90
ALDERMAN, Timothy1759
ALDERSON, Phoebe A.1829
ALDREICH, Benjamin1855
ALDRICH, George S.1829
ALDRICH, Luke1533
ALDRIDGE, Elizabeth3167
ALDRIDGE, Ella E3167
Aldridge, Aaron2450
ALDRIDGE, John1791
ALDRIDGE, Katherine1791
ALDRIDGE, Lonnie O.1829
ALDRIDGE, Sarah1794
ALDRIDGE, William M.1630
ALDRIDGE, William Newton1690
Alejandro M.2550
ALEXANDER, Mary2912, 72
Alexander, Sylvia29102
Alexander, A.2111
Alexander, Anne2868
Alexander, C.20(1) 10
Alexander, Clem2666
ALEXANDER, Daisy1829
Alexander, E.20(1) 10
ALEXANDER, Eddie1829
Alexander, Ervin2665
Alexander, George2639
Alexander, H.2111
Alexander, H. A.2212
Alexander, J. F.2868
Alexander, J.F.2665
ALEXANDER, James18107
Alexander, James2666
ALEXANDER, Joseph Warren1829
ALEXANDER, Judith R.3056
Alexander, M.2151
ALEXANDER, Mabel Lucette1829
ALEXANDER, Maggie M.2971
Alexander, Mary B.2531
Alexander, Mary R.2731
Alexander, Maud J.2666
Alexander, Melvira2638
ALEXANDER, Minnie1829
ALEXANDER, Mollie1829
Alexander, Mordica2591
Alexander, Mordicai2629
Alexander, Morganna2666
ALEXANDER, Nellie1829
Alexander, R. J2868
Alexander, Rebb K.2697
Alexander, Rev.2531
Alexander, Roy H.2362
Alexander, Sarah2629
Alexander, Sarah2731
Alexander, Thos W.2810
Alexander, Velma2362
ALEXANDER, Walter R.159
Alexander, William2440
Alexander, William2665, 96
ALEXANDER, William Sir3532
Alexander. J.2237
ALEY, Othar1829
ALFANO, Anthony1829
ALFONSO, Alpedo1829
ALFONSO, Sara1829
ALFONSO, Wencesias1829
ALFONSON, Mria L.1627
Alford, Lizzie Pearl29102
ALFORD, A. B.2921,12
ALFORD, Arthur Henry1829
ALFORD, Dennis1829
ALFORD, Dennis2946,12
ALFORD, Fannie1829
ALFORD, Jason L.1730
Alford, O. M.2798
ALFORD, Vinney34108
ALFRED, Jeses Boriers159
ALGENON, Frank J.3441
ALGER, Clara E.1829
ALHATON, Anna2943
ALIFANTI, Ellen1829
ALIFANTI, Ellen2974,12
Alissandratos, Demosthenes3139
Alister, Jim259
ALIX, Moses2923,12
ALKIERS, Emily164
ALKIRE, Charles135
ALKIRE, Flora135
ALKIRE, Frank135
ALKIRE, Homer135
Allaire, Catherine2868
Allaire, Pierre2868
Allan, T.2511
ALLCOCK, Katherine1694
ALLEE, Benjamin326
ALLEE, Ellen Clementine326
Allen Manet J.2810
Allen, Alfred 3139
Allen, Andrew L.29102
Allen, Annie B.29102
Allen, Annie F.29102
Allen, Ashley McCall29102
ALLEN, C. 3167
Allen, David A.29102
ALLEN, Edward C.3167
Allen, Elbert J.29102
Allen, Estelle29102
ALLEN, Flora1860
Allen, Flora W.29102
ALLEN, Florence Harn1860
Allen, Gerald Dale29102
Allen, Gladys29102
ALLEN, Henry P3167
ALLEN, Hilliard T.1860
Allen, Horace J. II29102
Allen, Horace Jackson29102
ALLEN, Isaac P.3167
Allen, Jack29102
Allen, James E. (Jack)29102
Allen, Jennie29102
Allen, Joe Lee29102
Allen, John29102
Allen, Julian C.29102
Allen, Lella Woodall29102
Allen, Leo B.29102
ALLEN, Lime3167
Allen, Mary Bates2912
ALLEN, Mary Bates3167
Allen, Mary E.29102
Allen, Mildred29102
Allen, Miriam Estelle29102
ALLEN, Mollie R.3167
Allen, Nina L.29102
Allen, Proctor C.29102
ALLEN, R Lee3167
ALLEN, R. H. Capt.3167
ALLEN, Sarah H.1860
ALLEN, Thos D.3167
ALLEN, Vera G3167
Allen, W. d.29102
Allen, A. B.20(4) 6
Allen, A. F.20(1) 10
Allen, A. F.20(4) 6
ALLEN, Abigail1568
ALLEN, Abner18103
Allen, Adda D.2531
Allen, Adeline2649
ALLEN, Albert1726
Allen, Albert L.2362
ALLEN, Alfred1828
ALLEN, Alfred2912
ALLEN, Anna G.3167
Allen, Anne2840
ALLEN, Annie Laura2949,12
Allen, Annie S.2362
ALLEN, Antie2912
ALLEN, Ben18107
Allen, Bertram2810
ALLEN, Bessie1829
Allen, Billie Ray267
ALLEN, Bishop1830
Allen, Blanche W.2810
ALLEN, Brittan1630
Allen, C.2581
Allen, C. B.2868
ALLEN, Captain1830
ALLEN, Caroline1952
Allen, Charles2712
Allen, Charles C.2531
ALLEN, Charles F.1830
Allen, Charles H.2317
Allen, Charlotte2317
ALLEN, Chester1830
ALLEN, Clarence E.1830
Allen, Curtiswood2666
Allen, D.20(1) 10; (4) 6, 17
Allen, D. F.20(4) 5
Allen, D. M.2631, 91
ALLEN, Danallen1830
Allen, David2840
ALLEN, David A.164
Allen, David A.2515
ALLEN, Donald A.1830
ALLEN, Dorothy1895
Allen, Dr. M. V.2810
Allen, E.2153
Allen, E.2550, 83
Allen, E. J.20(4) 6
Allen, E. J.2111
Allen, E. J.2515
Allen, E. L.20(4) 6
ALLEN, Edna1830
Allen, Edna2840
ALLEN, Edward L.1830
Allen, Elbert J.2840
ALLEN, Enoch D.1660,90
ALLEN, Ernest M.1830
Allen, Ester2550
ALLEN, Ethan1525
Allen, Ethel Lucile2317
ALLEN, Ethel Mae1830
ALLEN, Evelyn1663
Allen, F. E.20(1) 10
Allen, F. E.2362
ALLEN, Fannie1830
ALLEN, Florence Marion1830
ALLEN, Frank E.1564
Allen, G(Y?) E.2515
Allen, G. W.2419
Allen, Geo T.2769
ALLEN, Geo.2980,12
ALLEN, George156
ALLEN, George1699
Allen, George B.2712
ALLEN, George D.1830
ALLEN, Gideon1696
ALLEN, Gideon W.1533
ALLEN, Glenn Leroy1830
Allen, Grace2531
Allen, H.20(1) 10
ALLEN, H. B. B.18103
Allen, H. J.20(4) 6
Allen, Harriet C.2665
Allen, Harriett B.2317
ALLEN, Harry L.1830
Allen, Herbert R.2317
ALLEN, Hilliary1726
Allen, Horace2840
ALLEN, Horace J.1830
ALLEN, Horace J.2912,17
Allen, I.J.2666
Allen, Ira J.2697
ALLEN, Isaac1830
Allen, Issac P.2531
Allen, J.20(4) 5
Allen, J. B.20(4) 17
ALLEN, J. E.1859
Allen, J. E.2581
Allen, J. J.20(1) 10
Allen, J. W.2548
ALLEN, James Elbert1880
Allen, Jennie M.2840
ALLEN, John1830
Allen, John2840
Allen, John A.2317
ALLEN, John Earl1830,80
ALLEN, John Mrs.1949
ALLEN, John Pinkney1726
ALLEN, Johnathan1791
ALLEN, Judah156
Allen, L.20(1) 10
Allen, L. A.25111
Allen, L. L.2111
ALLEN, L. L.2912,20
Allen, L.L.268
Allen, Laura E.2712
ALLEN, Lila1830
ALLEN, Lila2946,12
Allen, Lillian2868
ALLEN, Linsey18103
Allen, Lois2810
ALLEN, Louis P.1830
Allen, Lucy C.2810
Allen, Margaret2317
ALLEN, Marie1830
Allen, Marie2531
Allen, Marie2810
ALLEN, Mary156
ALLEN, Mary A.3167
ALLEN, Mary Ann1529
ALLEN, Mary Bates1877
ALLEN, Mary Bates2914
Allen, Mary E.2362
Allen, Mary E.26103
Allen, Mary G.2531
ALLEN, May C.3139
ALLEN, Merritt L.1830
Allen, Molly R.2531
Allen, Mrs. J. D.2531
Allen, Nancy21104
Allen, P. C.20(4) 6
ALLEN, Proctor1726
ALLEN, Proctor1830
Allen, Proctor2840
ALLEN, Robert1830
ALLEN, Robert Lee1830
ALLEN, Roger3498
ALLEN, Rossie1830
ALLEN, Rowena1830
ALLEN, Rowland1533
Allen, S.C.2515
ALLEN, Sallie1662
ALLEN, Sallie M.2942,12
ALLEN, Samuel1533
ALLEN, Samuel P.1533
ALLEN, Sarah1830
Allen, Sarah E.2810
ALLEN, Stella1627
ALLEN, Thomas H. K.1533
ALLEN, Thomas Jefferson Davis1830
ALLEN, Vera Grace Davis1830
ALLEN, Vera Grace Davis2974,12
Allen, Viola2810
ALLEN, W. P.1830
ALLEN, W. P.2974,12
Allen, Walter A.2810
ALLEN, Walter D.1830
Allen, William2379
ALLEN, William A.1321
Allen, William F.2638
ALLEN, William J.1830
Allen, William W.2769
Allen, William W.2810
Allen, Z. E.20(3) 7
Allen, Z? E.2515
ALLEN, Zacharias Elbert1726,59
Allen, Zackeus E.2769
ALLENDER, Constance1830
ALLENDER, George H.1830
ALLEY, Floyd J.1830
Alligator, C.20(3) 22
Alligator, Chief2379
ALLIN, Elizabeth1790
ALLIN, William1791
ALLIS, Oliver J.1830
Allison, Robert Leroy29102
Allison, A2293
ALLISON, Elmore William1830
ALLISON, Georgie1830
ALLISON, John D.1830
ALLISON, Mary2918,12
ALLISON, Rosa1631
Allison, W.E.2681
Allison, William E.2531
ALLMAN, Lucinda1760
ALLORE, May Ethel1830
ALLOWAY, Stephen1790
ALLRED, James P.1830
ALLRUS, Paul Atkinson1831
Allsup, Effie Julia29102
ALLYN, Hannah1567
ALLYN, Robert1695
Almas, Manuel2440
ALMOND, Hubert Arnold1831
ALONSO, Braulio Sr.175
ALONSO, Emilio M.2915,12
ALONZO, Hattie1831
ALONZO, Hattie2976,12
ALONZO, Mary1831
Alonzo, Mary2868
ALONZO, Mary2977,12
ALSEN, Grace R.175
ALSMAN, Eva Glen1831
Alsman, Eve2868
Alsman, Jess2868
ALSON, Mary2980,12
ALSTON, Archie1831
ALT, Virginia135
ALTHOF, Herman 3167
ALTHOF, Elizabeth3167
ALTMAN, Charles1831
ALTMAN, Ester Matilda1630
ALTMAN, Grace1831
ALTMAN, John164,30
Altmore, R.2111
Alvaelz, F.20(1) 10
Alvard, Dean2711
ALVAREZ, Carsarea1753
Alvarez, J. H.2253
ALVAREZ, Jose "Joseph"1753
ALVAREZ, Joseph1753
ALVAREZ, Louisa1753
ALVAREZ, Maria1753
ALVAREZ, Roman1753
ALVAREZ, William1753
ALVEY, Henry159
ALVORD, Addie 3167
ALVORD, Austin W.3167
ALVORD, Evelyn1831
Alvord, James2712
ALVORD, L. H. Mrs.1949
ALVORD, Mary Elizabeth1818
Alvord, Nellie Bar---2712
ALVORD, Orlando1818
ALWARD, Percy H.1831
Alwine, W. H2511
Alworth, Marshall H.3139
Alworth, Marshall W.3139
Alworth, Royal D3139
ALWORTH, Nellie3139
Amaker, A. P.2187
AMAN, Archer L.1730
AMBLER, George C.1831
Ambrister, Robert2379
Ambrose, Cris Shane29102
Ambrose, Verna M.29102
Ambrose, Wendell B.29103
AMBROSE, Mamie1831
AMERSON, Ruth33104
AMES, Ed M3167
AMES, Adelbert18101
Ames, E.M.2419
Ames, Eva2912,74
Ames, Helen2733, 56, 83
Ames, Helen282, 29
Ames, Luella B.2419
Ames, M.2293
AMES, Marion Edwyna2916,12
Ames, N.20(3) 27
Ames, Nathanial2470
AMMAN, Will Mrs.1949
Ammerson, H.2188
AMMON, Alfred A.1831
Ammond, M.2268
Ammons, Harry R.29103
Ammons, Marie Louise29103
AMMONS, Curtis1831
Ammons, William2769
Amos, Ernest2868
Amos, John2450
AMOS, Miriam1831
Amsden, A. O.2581
AMSTUTZ, Anna1617
ANAR, Maggie1831
Anastaseos, Milonas3139
ANBERT, Julia L.1949
Anbner, Hams2424
Anders, Albert W.267
Anders, Annie L.268
Anders, Bessie2697
Anders, Prillion2697
Anders, S.B.2697
Anders, Samuel B.268
Anders, Samuel V.2696
ANDERSEN, William R.1831
ANDERSON, Alie3167
Anderson, Betty C.29103
Anderson, Charles C.29103
Anderson, Charles Lamar29103
Anderson, Daphne M.29103
ANDERSON, David W.135
ANDERSON, Edward W3167
ANDERSON, Geo W.3167
ANDERSON, Henry135
Anderson, Inez29103
Anderson, Martina29103
ANDERSON, Mary A.135
ANDERSON, Mary Esther3167
ANDERSON, Murrey C3167
Anderson, Robert G.29103
Anderson, Robert L.29103
ANDERSON, Wm '3167
Anderson, A.20(3) 16
Anderson, A. G.2112
Anderson, A. J.20(3) 19
Anderson, A. J.2679
Anderson, A. T.2111
Anderson, Adam2740
ANDERSON, Alfred135
Anderson, Alfred2440
ANDERSON, Allie1831
ANDERSON, Amanda1831
Anderson, Ander2714
ANDERSON, Anet2919,12
ANDERSON, Anna1831
Anderson, Anne2440
Anderson, Anne2868
ANDERSON, Annie1831
Anderson, Annie2696, 99
Anderson, Annie2722
ANDERSON, Beatrice1831
ANDERSON, Bennie1831
ANDERSON, Bertha3167
Anderson, Bessie2629
Anderson, BG.21105
Anderson, C. M.2175
Anderson, C. R.2197
ANDERSON, Charles18103
ANDERSON, Charlotte1831
Anderson, Chas.2868
ANDERSON, Clara1831
Anderson, Daniel2810
ANDERSON, Daniel W.1831
Anderson, Daphine2868
Anderson, E.C.26101
ANDERSON, Edgar1831
Anderson, Edmond2697
ANDERSON, Einar R.1831
ANDERSON, Elizabeth1749
Anderson, Emma2868
ANDERSON, Ethel1831
Anderson, F.20(3) 16
Anderson, Flora M.2868
ANDERSON, Florence1831
ANDERSON, Frances1831
Anderson, Frank2868
Anderson, G.2111
Anderson, G.2544
Anderson, G. H.2582
Anderson, Geo. W.2531
ANDERSON, Geoffrey Clyde1831
ANDERSON, George1831
ANDERSON, George193
Anderson, George2362,97
Anderson, George267
Anderson, George2712
Anderson, Gertrude2712
ANDERSON, Giles193
Anderson, Guy W.2696
ANDERSON, Harold1896
Anderson, Helen2868
Anderson, Henrietta2741
Anderson, Ida G.2531
Anderson, Idella2531
ANDERSON, Inez1831
ANDERSON, Irene1831
Anderson, J. A.2581
Anderson, J. P.2157
Anderson, J. W.2111
Anderson, Jack2450
Anderson, Jack2531
ANDERSON, Jacob3540
ANDERSON, James18105,107
Anderson, James2741
Anderson, James2868
ANDERSON, James Patton1899
Anderson, Jane2449
ANDERSON, Jean1831
ANDERSON, Johannes1831
Anderson, Joseph2584
ANDERSON, Joseph2977,12
ANDERSON, Josephine1831
ANDERSON, Julia1831
Anderson, L.2157
Anderson, L. M.2175, 87
ANDERSON, Laura B.1831
Anderson, Laura M.2393
ANDERSON, Loradia1831
Anderson, Lucile2397
ANDERSON, Lucy1632
ANDERSON, Luetta1949
Anderson, M.2112
ANDERSON, M. Jackson334
Anderson, M. L.2175
ANDERSON, Mackie May1831
ANDERSON, Madge1831
ANDERSON, Marie1831
ANDERSON, Marjorie1831
Anderson, Martha2531
Anderson, Martha2868
ANDERSON, Martha3167
ANDERSON, Mary1810,25
Anderson, Mary2868
ANDERSON, Mary E.1831
ANDERSON, Mary E.2975,12
ANDERSON, Mary L.1832
ANDERSON, Melvin B.1832
Anderson, Moses L.2393
ANDERSON, Murry C.1832
Anderson, N. A.20(4) 3
Anderson, O.2111
ANDERSON, Olin S.1832
Anderson, Oscar B.2697
ANDERSON, Pearl Elenore1832
Anderson, Perl H.2666
Anderson, R.2175
Anderson, R.2511
Anderson, R. H.2186
Anderson, Richard2362
Anderson, Richard2711
ANDERSON, Richard M.1832
Anderson, Robert2362,93
Anderson, Robert2638
ANDERSON, Robert Houston18100
ANDERSON, Rosa1832
Anderson, Rosa268
Anderson, Rosalie2362
Anderson, Rosalie2711
Anderson, Roy2440
ANDERSON, Ruby1832
ANDERSON, Ruby Lavonia1832
ANDERSON, Saline2975,12
ANDERSON, Sam1832,72
ANDERSON, Sidney Clay1711
Anderson, Sue26107
Anderson, Thomas2665
ANDERSON, Virgie1832
Anderson, W.2112
Anderson, W. R.2175
Anderson, W.P.2666
Anderson, W.R.2393
Anderson, William2531
ANDERSON, William B.2912
ANDERSON, William C.1832
ANDERSON, William J.1630
ANDERSON, William R.1832
Anderson, Wm. H2868
Anderson, Z. W.2175
Anderson, Zula2393
Andreas, J. L.20(4) 17
Andress, E.2276
Andreu, Valencia2797
ANDREW, Argiros3167
ANDREW, Ephraim C.3167
ANDREW, Blanche1832
Andrew, E.J.2672
ANDREW, Gertrude3167
Andrew, Oliver J.2769
Andrew, Simeon2450
ANDREWS Sarah1832
Andrews, A. G.2240
Andrews, A. H.2293
Andrews, Bessie E.2666
Andrews, Charles2531
ANDREWS, Charles W.1660,90
ANDREWS, Eli1832
Andrews, Eliza2731
Andrews, Emma2868
Andrews, Ephraim2424
Andrews, F.A.2666
Andrews, Frank P.2665
Andrews, George2317
Andrews, Hubbard2531
Andrews, J.2273
Andrews, J. G.2238
ANDREWS, James Elmo1832,73
ANDREWS, John P.1321
Andrews, John P.2769
Andrews, Joseph2415
ANDREWS, Josiah18103
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