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Author Index

Author index for volumes 1 - 35 (published 1972 - 1983, 1987 - 2013)

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1 None
218Boyer, Dorothy M
223Cook, Hutoka De Lano
228Daub, John Cochran
32Boyer, Dorothy M
39Hazel, Marjorie
41Taylor, Mrs. John H. (Catherine)
44Thomas, Bert
511Colson, Mrs. D.C. (Jessie May Patterson)
53Stafford, Cornelius Vandervoort
53 (Winter)Boyer, Dorothy M
56Weaver, William C.
58Cressey, Forrest
610Brookover, Ruth Mary
616Bamman Case, Bruce
616Brink Bixby Bullard, Delina
616Bush Ellingworth, Charlotte
616Szabrinski Bixby, Elizabeth
616Waltz, Randall Floyd, Col
621Whitehead, Lois M
63Boyer, Dorothy M
63Whitehead, Lois M
630Boyer, Dorothy M
630Whitehead, Lois M
69Boyer, Dorothy M
69Whitehead, Lois M
713Brookover, Mary Ruth
713Whitehead, Lois M
73Boyer, Dorothy M
75Williams, Pauline Stafford
79Boyer, Dorothy M
83Reed, Ralph
83Wells, Harvey L
85Williams, Pauline Stafford
89Boyer, Dorothy M
94Reed, Ralph
95Reed, Ralph
95Wells, Harvey L
98Williams, Pauline Stafford
104Reed, Ralph
105Reed, Ralph
105Wells, Harvey L
108Williams, Pauline Stafford
1132Boyer, Dorothy M
1139Smith, Leonard H
114Boyer, Dorothy M
1155Morris, Gary Dudley
1211Williams, Pauline Stafford
1217Ramey, Mary J
1237Ramey, Mary J
1240Hazel, Marjorie
1243Morris, Gary Dudley
129Clary, Henrietta Wick
1330Boyer, Dorothy M
1331Funkhouser, Eileen
134Boyer, Dorothy M
1343Morris, Gary Dudley
135Ramey, Mary J
14116Osborn, Judith L
14118Osborn, Judith L
14121Stroble, Dorothy M
1417Belcher, William A.
145LaBare, Floriece H.
1455Ramey, Mary J
1470Chase, Marie
1474Osborn, Judith L
149Ramey, Mary J
1493Clearing, John
1493House, Mary
15102Osborn, Judith L
1515Bridges, Helen
1527Carpenter, Linda
1537Osborn, Judith L
154Whitehead, Lois M
1544Osborn, Judith L
1560Osborn, Judith L
1565Malone, Lillian Dorman
1565Stroble, Dorothy Howell
1574Hostetler, Bette J
1576Carpenter, Linda
1578Osborn, Judith L
1587Carpenter, Linda
1588McGoldrick, Jane Lois
159Carpenter, Linda
161Carpenter, Linda
1610Carpenter, Linda
1611Osborn, Judith L
16114Battista, Pauline
1620Osborn, Judith L
1625Sugarbaker, Garrett
1626Carpenter, Linda
1627Carpenter, Linda
1630Osborn, Judith L
1632Carpenter, Linda
1636Weis, Frederick Lewis
1637Cressy, David
1638Parri, Sandra Tidquist
164Osborn, Judith L
1640Osborn, Judith L
1642Green, John Andrew

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