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Pinellas Probate Microfilm Index

Index of Pinellas County Florida probate records dated between 4 Jan 1912 and 1 Jul 1920.

This was a Project that was started in 2005 by Gladys Evans, Nirma Perricone, Pat LeConte, Pat Riggs and others. After a pause, Sherry Hellrung completed the index.

Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDate of DeathRoll NumFile NumComments
Aytch Mattie  8/5/1908 1A 1 Deceased
Aytch Hiram   1A 1 Minor
Aytch Helen   1A 1 Minor
Aytch Marion   1A 1 Minor
Aunspaugh J L  1A 1 Guardian
McKinney Mary Dill   1A 2 Deceased
McKinney Eula Lee  1A 2 Minor
McKinney John Jefferson  1A 2 Minor
McKinney Thomas J  1A 2 Guardian
Whitehurst W W 12/22/1911 1A 3 Deceased
Whitehurst Annie Belle  1A 3 Minor
Whitehurst Phenie Naomie  1A 3 Minor
Whitehurst William John  1A 3 Minor
Whitehurst Lottie May  1A 3 Minor
Clark W W  1A 3 Guardian
Mitchell James   1A 4 Deceased
Mitchell Ike   1A 4 Minor
Mitchell Cornella J  1A 4 Guardian
Myers Mary   1A 5 Deceased
Myers Alberta   1A 5 Minor
Myers John   1A 5 Minor
Myers Willie   1A 5 Minor
Myers Bessie Mae  1A 5 Minor
Wright Christine   1A 5 Minor
Wright Ernest   1A 5 Minor
Wright Joseph Jr   1A 5 Guardian
Ruff Margaret S 12/11/1911 1A 6 Deceased
Smallwood Zachary   1A 6 Administrator
Hickmon Frances G 1/16/1912 1A 7 Deceased
Hickmon James A  1A 7 Heir
Jones Emma   1A 7 Heir
Jones W J  1A 7 Heir
Rayben Eliza   1A 7 Heir
Rayben Ed   1A 7 Heir
Hickman Eddie   1A 7 Heir
Linn J H 11/15/1911 1A 8 Deceased
Linn Orrin   1A 8 Heir
Clark Lora P  1A 8 Heir
Linn Girden F  1A 8 Heir
Linn J E  1A 8 Heir
Orandell Belle   1A 8 Heir
Reynolds Ida   1A 8 Heir
Whitehurst Willard W 12/22/1911 1A 9 Deceased
Whitehurst Belle V  1A 9 Heir
McMullen Muriel W  1A 9 Heir
Whitehurst Annie Belle  1A 9 Heir
Whitehurst Phenie Naomie  1A 9 Heir
Whitehurst William John  1A 9 Heir
Whitehurst Lottie May  1A 9 Heir
Wall Perry G  1A 9 Administrator
Synder H L 1/18/1912 1A 10 Deceased
Blocker Sallie A 9/28/1911 1A 11 Deceased
Blocker J C  1A 11 Administrator
South John T 10/29/1912 1A 12 Deceased
Blocker Charles H 3/28/1911 1A 13 Deceased
Blocker J C  1A 13 Administrator
Rice John  10/27/1911 1A 14 Deceased
Rice Ruth   1A 14 Minor
Merrell Herman   1A 14 Guardian
Wright Nathanial D  1A 15 Deceased
Wright William   1A 15 Heir
Stewart Edna W  1A 15 Heir
Groce Mildred W  1A 15 Heir
Wright Hettie   1A 15 Heir
Stewart William L  1A 15 Executor
Kithcart John A  1A 15 Executor
Walters Benjamin F 6/27/1910 1A 16 Deceased
Walters Margaretta   1A 16 Heir, Executrix
Wright George (Dr.) F 12/19/1911 1A 17 Deceased
Wright Mollie D  1A 17 Heir, Executrix
Kelley Amanda  10/11/1911 1A 18 Deceased
Hartley Oscar   1A 18 Administrator
Johnson Catherine  12/18/1911 1A 19 Deceased
McLean Gregor   1A 19 Administrator
Milward Harry L 1/18/1912 1A 20 Deceased
Milward Mable   1A 20 Heir, Executrix
Patrick Septer   1A 21 Deceased
Patrick Harry Edwin  1A 21 Minor
Patrick Joanna D  1A 21 Guardian
Borden Mildred A  1A 22 Deceased
Borden Christine   1A 22 Minor
Borden William Joseph  1A 22 Minor
Borden Elsie Caroline  1A 22 Minor
Borden Benjamin F  1A 22 Guardian
Durant C   1A 22 Executor
Johnson George F 10/23/1911 1A 23 Deceased
Johnson Margaret D  1A 23 Heir/Administratrix
Johnson Marion Davis  1A 23 Heir, Minor
Johnson Robert W  1A 23 Heir
Johnson George F  1A 23 Heir
Asbury Mary Elizabeth 1/14/1912 1A 24 Deceased
Cadbury Clara E  1A 24 Heir
Harmer Sarah A  1A 24 Heir
Rand Ellen T  1A 24 Heir
Ashbury Harry E  1A 24 Heir
Ashbury Charles W  1A 24 Heir
Swahn Harry Rimmer  1A 24 Heir
Swahn Thomas   1A 24 Heir
Rice John  10/22/1911 1A 25 Deceased
Rice Ruth   1A 25 Minor
Merrell Herman   1A 25 Administrator
Powledge Philip L 5/30/1911 1A 26 Deceased
Hood Minnie A  1A 26 Heir
Burfford Ella   1A 26 Heir
Johnson Charles Powell  1A 26 Deceased
Johnson Catherine A  1A 27 Minor
Johnson Jesse W  1A 27 Minor
Johnson Timothy A  1A 27 Minor
Johnson Mary A  1A 27 Minor
Johnson Mary Cecelia  1A 27 Guardian
Coachman Benjamin G 8/7/1911 1A 28 Deceased
Coachman M Belle  1A 28 Heir
Lonage Clara   1A 28 Minor
Lonage Mammie Martha  1A 28 Minor
Coachman Lula   1A 28 Minor
Coachman Estelle  1A 28 Minor
Coachman Aleitha   1A 28 Minor
Coachman Hugh D  1A 28 Minor
Coachman Benjamin G  1A 28 Minor
Norris Issac T  1A 29 Deceased
Norris William Jennings  1A 29 Minor
Norris Gordon Theodore  1A 29 Minor
Norris Raymond Carr  1A 29 Minor
Whitehurst A A  1A 29 Guardian
Kendall Samuel D 1/24/1911 1A 30 Deceased
Kendall Alice E  1A 30 Heir-Administrator
Martin FrancIs   1A 31 Deceased
Martin Rita   1A 31 Minor
Martin Frances   1A 31 Minor
Martin Bertha   1A 31 Guardian
Knudsen Willie O  1A 32 Minor
Leininger Edward   1A 33 Deceased
Leininger James   1A 33 Minor
Leininger Charlie   1A 33 Minor
Leininger Eddie   1A 33 Minor
Leininger Cleo   1A 33 Minor
Leininger Alta   1A 33 Minor
James John J 9/11/1909 1A 34 Est. John J. Jones
James Hilda   1A 34 Heir
James A J  1A 34 Executor
James J D  1A 34 Executor
James R B  1A 34 Executor
Bergman David  2/11/1912 1A 35 Deceased
Bergman Robert   1A 35 Administrator
Kerr Smith P 8/18/1906 1A 36 Deceased
Kerr F E  1A 36 Heir
Kerr Thomas F  1A 36 Heir
Southgate Anna J  1A 36 Heir
Kerr Anna Powell  1A 36 Heir
Callie Fila   1A 36 Heir
Kerr John D  1A 36 Leave Nothing
Crow Mrs John  1A 36 Leave Nothing
Matlock Anna Belle  1A 36 Executor
Alston Rachel  7/19/1910 1A 37 Deceased
McAllister Laura Dee  1A 38 Deceased
McAllister Leon   1A 38 Minor
McAllister Fannie   1A 38 Minor
McAllister Minnie   1A 38 Minor
McAllister J L  1A 38 Guardian
Jones Carter G 2/3/1909 1A 39 Deceased
Jones Mary Ella  1A 39 Minor
Jones Marvin Wilson  1A 39 Minor
Borden Mildred A 10/30/1909 1A 40 Deceased
Borden Christine   1A 40 Heir
Borden William Joseph  1A 40 Heir
Borden Elsie Caroline  1A 40 Heir
Dopp Henry M 7/11/1911 2A 43 Deceased
Dopp Herbert D  2A 43 Heir
Bever Agnes   2A 43 Heir
Dopp Nora Powell  2A 43 Heir
Davey John R 10/17/1907 2A 44 Deceased
Bouton Nathaniel S  2A 45 Deceased
Shaw David E  2A 46 Decedent
Smith Theron C  2A 47 Deceased
Nicholson Louise  2A 48 Deceased
Nicholson Louise   2A 48 Minor
Nicholson Ira E  2A 48 Minor
Nicholson Charles   2A 48 Minor
Nicholson Ira E  2A 48 Guardian
Boyd Lula  5/1/1910 2A 49 Deceased
Boyd Robert James  2A 49 Minor
Boyd John F  2A 49 Guardian
Jones Cora Verbena 5/10/1911 2A 50 Deceased
Jones Elsie M  2A 50 Minor
Jones Martha S  2A 50 Minor
Jones Ambrose   2A 50 Guardian
Lempartz Estelle Quayle 4/9/1911 2A 51 Deceased
Lempartz Thomas Quayle  2A 51 Heir
Campbell F M 4/9/1911 2A 52 Deceased
Campbell A J  2A 52 Administratrix
Hora Frank  4/12/1912 2A 53 Deceased
Hora Mary   2A 53 Heir
Hora George   2A 53 Heir
Hora Joseph   2A 53 Heir
Ewing Auguste   2A 54 Deceased
Wright Mary Mrs Ira  2A 54 Heir
Ewing Mark   2A 54 Heir
Ewing Nathaniel   2A 54 Heir
Ewing Fredrick   2A 54 Heir
Ewing Charles   2A 54 Heir

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