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Native American Genealogy Book,
Microfilm, Fiche and CD-Rom Collection
at the Largo Public Library

TitleCall NumberName After Call No
12th Census Of U. S Chickasaw Nation 929.308997 Downs
13th Census Of U. S. Indian Population, Monroe County, Alabama 929.308997 Hines
1832 Creek Census 929.308997 Douthout
1860 Census Of Free Inhabitants Of Indian Land West Of Arkansas (Oklahoma Indian Territory) 929.308997 Ellsworth
1880 Special Census of Indians. (5 rolls).Microfilm M-1791?
1885 Census, Choctaw Nation, Apukshunnubbee District Nashoba County929.308997 Olsen
1885 Census, Choctaw Nation, Apukshunnubbee District, Cedar County929.308997 Olsen
1885 Census, Choctaw Nation, Eagle County, Apukshunnubbee District929.308997 Olsen
1885 Choctaw Census, Atoca County929.308997 Olsen
1885 Choctaw Census, Blue County929.308997 Olsen
1885 Choctaw Census, Jack's Fork County929.308997 Olsen
1885 Choctaw Census, Kiamitia County929.308997 Olsen
1889 Roll Of Shawnee Cherokees 929.308997 Index
1890 Cherokee Nation Census, Indian Terratory, OK Vol 1,2929.308997 Benge
1898-1914; Enrollment Cards of the Five Civilized Tribes. (rolls 1 - 93).Microfilm M1186???
1900 Census Of The Cherokee Indian Nation, Volumes 1-5 929.308997 Ellsworth
1900 Scrip, Volume 1-2929.308997 Morin
1901-1907 Native Americans Census 929.308997 Bowen
A K. A. 929.308997 Garrett
A Gazetteer Of Indian Territory 929.308997 Garnett
African Cherokee Connections, PDF, 1 CD.CD-ROM 2207?????
America's First Western Frontier: East Tennessee 929.308997 Calloway
Blue County Choctaw Nation, Volume 1,3 929.308997 Brimage
Census Blackfeet Montana, 1897-1898 929.308997 Bowen
Census, Choctaw Nation, Apukshunnubbee District, Red River County929.308997 Olsen
Cherokee Citizenships: 1800-1884, 1887-1889929.308997 Bowen
Cherokee Claims, Delaware District Volume 1-4 929.308997 Chase
Cherokee Claims, Flint District Volume 1-4, 1842 929.308997 Chase
Cherokee Claims, Going Snake District, 1842 929.308997 Chase
Cherokee Claims, Saline District, 1842 929.308997 Chase
Cherokee Claims, Skinned Bayou District, 1842 929.308997 Chase
Cherokee Claims, Tahlequah District, 1842929.308997 Chase
Cherokee Court of Claims, 1906-1909. Guion Miller Rolls. Heritage Books? 1 CDCD-ROM 878??????
Cherokee Drennen Roll of 1851929.308997 Chase
Cherokee Indian Rolls, Doubtful And Rejected 929.308997 Harris
Cherokee Proud929.308997 McClure
Cherokee Ration Books 1836-1838 New Echota 929.308997 Douthat
Cherokee Trail Diaries, Volumes 1-4 929.308997 Fletcher
Chickasaw Court Records Panola County And Pickens County 929.308997 Downs
Chickasaw Indian Roll929.308997 Loftin
Chickasaw National Records, Pontoc County, 1884-1904929.308997 Downs
Chickasaw Rolls: Annuity Rolls Of 1857-1860 929.308997 Armstrong
Choctaw Emigration Records, 1831-1856, Volume 1,2929.308997 Olsen
Choctaw Nation Indian Territory Marriage And Court Records 929.308997 Choctaw
County Court Records, Pickens And Wichita Counties 929.308997 Downs
Court Records, Blue County Choctaw Nation, Books 1-2 929.308997 Ellis
Creek Ration Book 1838 At Camp Clanewaugh 929.308997 Douthat
Dawes Roll "Plus" Of Cherokee Nation, 1898929.308997 Dawes
Durant Indian Territory Court Records 929.308997 Durant
Eastern Cherokee Census Records 1899-1927, PDF, 1 CD CD-ROM 1521
Expanded Index Eastern Shawnee Census Per Capita Rolls And List Of Guardians And Administrators929.308997 Expanded
Expanded Index Of The Ottawa Census, Annuity Rolls And Administrations 929.308997 Expanded
Expanded Index Of The Peoria Census, Annuity Rolls And Administrators, 1874-1881 929.308997 Expanded
Expanded Index Of The Quapaw Tribal Census And Issues, 1873-1880929.308997 Expanded
Expanded Index Of The Seneca Census, Annuity Rolls And List Of Guardians And Administrators929.308997 Expanded
Expanded Index To Various Wyandotte Tribal Rolls, 1872-1884 929.308997 Expanded
Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry929.308997 Mooney
For So Long As The Sun And Moon Endure 929.308997 Byrd
Forgotten Oklahoma Records 929.308997 Cook
French And Native North American Marriages, 1600-1800929.308997 Brunell
Guide To Cherokee Indian Records (Microfilm) 929.308997 Ashton
Guion Miller Roll "Plus" Of Eastern Cherokee?929.308997 Blankenship
HBA Only The Names Remain, PDF, 1 CDCD-ROM 2158
Hopi And Navajo Native Americans Census, Volume 1-2 929.308997 Bowen
If The 1880 Cherokee Nation Census, Indian Territory Oklahoma, Volume 1-2929.308997 Benge
Index To Payment Roll For Old Settler Cherokee, 1896 929.308997 Chase
Indian Captive Narratives, PDF, 1 CDCD-ROM 102
Indian Wills, 1911-1921, Book 1-7 929.308997 Bowen
Indians From New York in Ontario and Quebec, Canada, Vol 2929.308997 Prevost
Indians From New York In Wisconsin And Elsewhere, Vol 1929.308997 Prevost
Indians of Canada, PDF, 1 CD CD-ROM 15
Indices Of Choctaw And Chickasaw Confederate Soldiers929.308997 Olsen
Journal Of The Rev. Daniel Butrick, Cherokee Removal 5/19/1838-4/1/1839929.308997 Butrick
Journal Of The Wyandotte Legislative Committee, 1848-1856929.308997 Journal
Kiowa, Comanche, Apache, Fort Sill Apache, Wichita, Caddo And Delaware Indian Birth And Death Rolls, 1924-1932 929.308997 Bowen
Manitoba Script929.308997 Morin
Marriage Records, Muskogee Indian Territory929.308997 Lindsey
Marriages, Southern District Oklahoma Indian Territory, 1897-1901929.308997 Massey
Memoir Of Catherine Brown 929.308997 Anderson
MISC Cherokee And Choctaw Records 1800-1900 929.308997 Curry
Mississippi Choctaw Indian Census, 1933-1939 929.308997 Bowen
Muskogee Weekly Phoenix, Indian Territory, 1888-1902929.308997 Genealogical
New York Indian Census, Vol 1-3; 1886-1924; 3 CDCD-ROM 1796-8
North Carolina At Eastern Cherokee Census, 1898-1914929.308997 Bowen
Northern Shoshone929.308997 Madsen
Northwest Halfbreed Script, 1885929.308997 Morin
Oglala Souix-Pine Ridge Reservation-Birth And Death Rolls, 1924-1932 929.308997 Bowen
Osage Indians Bands And Clans 929.308997 Burns
Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan 1870-1909929.308997 Lantz
Outbreak And Massacre By Dakota Indians In Minnesota In 1862929.308997 Satterlee
Pottawattamie Indians Of Michigan, 1843-1904929.308997 Lantz
Probate Records, Oklahoma Historical Society929.308997 Loftin
Rejected Applications Of The Guion Miller Roll Of The Eastern Cherokee, Volume 1-2929.308997 Page
Seminole Indians Of Florida929.308997 Lantz
Seminole Of Florida Indian Census, 1930-1938929.308997 Bowen
Seneca Fiction, Legends and Myths, PDF, 1 CDCD-ROM 78????????
Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, 1924-1932 929.308997 Bowen
Strangers In Blood 929.308997 Brown
The Buffalo Ridge Cherokee: A Remnant Of A Great Nation Divided929.308997 Rice
The Choctaw Freedmen?929.308997 Flickinger

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