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Jewish Genealogy Book Collection
at the Largo Library

TitleCall NumberName After Call No
A Guide to Jewish Genelaogy in Poland929.3089924 Fifer
A Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry929.3089924 Biography
A Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry929.3089924 Tapper
A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire vol 1-2929.3089924 Beider
A Field Guide to Visiting a Jewish Cemetery929.3089924 Segal
A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Germany and Austria929.3089924 Guide
A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Lithuania929.3089924 Aaron
A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in the United Kingdom929.3089924 Guide
A Guide to Organizing You Family History Records929.3089924 Wenzerul
A Guide to Reading Hebruw Inscriptions and Documents929.3089924 Wenzerul
A Practical Guide to Hewish Cemeteries929.3089924 Menachemson
Armenian Immigrants (Boston 1891-1901; NY 1880-1897)929.3089924 Avakian
Avnei Zikaron929.3089924 Rosenstein
Deutsch-Fremdsprachiges Ortsnamenberzeichnis vol 1-2929.3089924 Kredel
Dicionaria Sefaradi de Sobrenomes929.3089924 Faiguenboim
Eliyahu's Branches929.3089924 Freedman
Finding Our Fathers929.3089924 Rottenberg
First American Jewish Families; 600 Genealogies 1654-1977929.3089924 Stern
From Generation to Generation929.3089924 Kurzweil
Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary929.3089924 Genealogical
Genealogical Resoures Within the Jewish Home and Family929.3089924 Wenzerul
Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy929.3089924 Mokotoff
Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy: 2010 Version929.3089924 Mokotoff
Guide to Jewish Genealogy929.3089924 Avotaynu
Guidebook For Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel929.3089924 Tagger
Handbook of Ashkenazic Given Names and Their Variants929.3089924 Beider
History of the Jewish Community of Schneidemuhl929.3089924 Cullman
History of the Jews in Russia and Poland929.3089924 Dubnow
How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust929.3089924 Mokotoff
Jewish Ancestors929.3089924 Krasner
Jewish Personal Names929.3089924 Gorr
Jewish Roots in Poland929.3089924 Weiner
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova929.3089924 Weiner
Jewish Vital Records, Revision Lists and Other Jewish Holdings in the Lithuanian Archives929.3089924 Rhodes
Jews of Kopcheve929.3089924 Leivers
Jews-Officers in the Polish Armed Forces 1939-1945929.3089924 Meirtchal
Library Resources for German-Jewish Genealogy929.3089924 Ellmann
Lithuanian Jewish Communities929.3089924 Schoenburg
Obituary Dates From the Denni Hlasatel 1891-1899929.3089924 Novak
Obituary Dates From the Denni Hlasatel 1930-1939929.3089924 Novak
Obituary Dates From the Denni Hlasatel 1940-1949929.3089924 Novak
Our Crowd929.3089924 Birmingham
Overseas Emigration and Family Research929.3089924 Overseas
Polish Sources at the Central Archives for the Histroy of Jewish People929.3089924 Volovici
Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors vol 1-4929.3089924 Benjamin
Road to Victory929.3089924 Road
Sephardic Genealogy929.3089924 Malka
Shtetl Finder929.3089924 Choen
Sourcebook for Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories929.3089924 Zubatsky
Stammbaum929.3089924 Jewish
The Cousinhood929.3089924 Berman
The Galitzianers929.3089924 Wynne
The German Minority Census of 1939929.3089924 Edlund
The Jewish Victorian: Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1861-1870929.3089924 Jewish
The Jews of Lithuania929.3089924 Greenbaum
The Jews of Stropkov929.3089924 Amsel
The Lost Synagogues of Brooklyn929.3089924 Levitt
The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835929.3089924 Naruralized
The Old Jewish Cemeteries of Newark929.3089924 Gould
The Plaut Family929.3089924 Plaut
The Unbroken Chain929.3089924 Rosenstein
Tide and Wreck: History of the Jews of Vardar Macedonia929.3089924 Lebl
Until the Final Solution, The Jews in Belgrade 1521-1942929.3089924 Lebl
Where Once We Walked929.3089924 Mokotoff

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