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PGS Obituary Collection Index

During the course of research for PGS publications, the cemetery committee has collected a large quantity of obituaries and funeral notices. This index (with notes) reflects the obituaries and funeral notices currently on file. Additions will be made to the file on a regular basis, please check back to view updates! Researchers desiring a copy of one of the obituaries listed in this index may contact PGS for a research query .

NameAgeDeath DateBirthplaceFuneral HomeCemeteryNewspaperPub DatePageNoPGS_IdxLocNoComment
ABBOTT, Kenneth H.     St Petersburg Times4/27/1970 371 
ABERNATHY, Maud O.     St Petersburg Times7/29/1968 143 
ABRAMOVICH, Matt 759/8/1973 Anderson-McQueenn/aSt Petersburg Times9/7/1973   
ABRAMS, Roy V. 5810/23/1976 BobbittGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times10/25/1976   
ABRUZESE, Michael     St Petersburg Times1/9/1996 5 
ACHESON, Charles     St Petersburg Times12/3/195921B58 
ACKART, Emma M. Bowie 821/12/1968 John S. Rhodes, East ChapelMarysville, OHSt Petersburg Times1/15/1968   
ACKER, Joan P. 523/17/2000Stamford, CTAnderson-McQueenSunnysideSt Petersburg Times3/20/2000  Photo/Supplement 2000
ACKERMAN, Olive R. 741/12/1944 The Palms MemorialMansfield, OHSt Petersburg Times1/13/1944   
ACKERMAN, Tillie     St Petersburg Times8/10/1980 269 
ADAMS, August T. 844/7/1999 Garden SanctuaryGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times4/10/199   
ADAMS, Garold D. 818/10/1999Kirksville, MOR. Lee WilliamsWoodlawn Memory GardensSt Petersburg Times8/12/199  Photo
ADAMS, Irene M.     St Petersburg Times2/28/1985 205 
ADAMS, John T. Jr.     St Petersburg Times5/6/1955 374 
ADCOCK, Francis N.     St Petersburg Times6/25/197214B360 
ADELSON, Mildred M. 918/2/2000 Garden SanctuaryGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times8/4/2000  Supplement 2000
ADILETTA, Pauline 797/24/1998Shoreham, VTMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times7/29/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
AFELD, Richard "Dick"     St Petersburg Times12/19/1982 195 
AHERN, Robert "Bob" 779/3/1998 Moss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times9/4/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
AIRES, Ofeliah Plummer     St Petersburg Times9/4/197115B153 
ALARIE, Joseph E.     St Petersburg Independent1/11/1985 203 
ALBAN, Robert G. Sr     St Petersburg Times6/30/197012B189 
ALBRECHT, Marie H.     St Petersburg Times6/15/198415B54 
ALBRIGHT, Owenn/a9/15/1920England GreenwoodSt Petersburg Times9/16/1920   
ALBRIGHT, Richard C. 834/29/1998 Moss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times3/1/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
ALDERSON, Josephine K. 872/12/2000Blue Island, ILNational Cremation SocietyGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times2/24/2000  Supplement 2000
ALDRICH, Kilroy P.     St Petersburg Times12/23/196411B1 
ALEXANDER, John H. "Jack"     St Petersburg Times9/18/1975 22 
ALEXANDER, John M.     St Petersburg Times10/16/198027B50 
ALEXANDER, William A.     St Petersburg Times1/6/1976 176 
ALGEO, Nora, Mrs. 815/5/1959 John S. Rhodesn/aSt Petersburg Times5/6/1959   
ALGER, Greta Lillian     St Petersburg Times5/25/1973 72 
ALICEA, Miguelina "Mickey" 5811/8/1998Puerto RicoMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times11/10/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
ALLAN, John     Tampa Tribune2/18/1967 3 
ALLAN, William, Jr. 5112/31/1974 Baynard-Thompson Beach MemorialGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times1/2/1974   
ALLEN, Beulah S     St Petersburg Times1/8/1984 4 
ALLEN, Blanche Day     St Petersburg Times7/25/1979 69 
ALLEN, Clifford C.     St Petersburg Times8/3/1982 40 
ALLEN, Ethan     St Petersburg Times1/22/1975 6 
ALLEN, I. P., Mrs. 869/27/1920 S. D. HarrisGreenwoodSt Petersburg Times9/28/1920   
ALLEN, Katherine     St Petersburg Times12/6/19442114 
ALLEN, Kenneth E.     St Petersburg Times10/16/198027B50 
ALLEN, Margaret C.     St Petersburg Times1/1/1973 2 
ALLEN, Minnie M. 688/1/1938 John S. Rhodesn/aSt Petersburg Times8/1/1938   
ALLEN, Perry     St Petersburg Times1/9/1996 5 
ALLEN, Walter Glenworth 8612/30/1977Sparta, GAAnderson-McQueenn/aSt Petersburg Times1/1/1978   
ALLISON, Martha R. "Fritzi" 945/3/1990Aachen, GermanyA. S. Turner & Sons,Decatur, GASerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times5/5/1990  Supplement 1998/extraction
ALLOWAY, David L.     St Petersburg Times7/24/197411B62 
ALLSWORTH, Margaret     St Petersburg Times11/18/1981 176A 
ALLYN, G. Wayne     St Petersburg Times2/20/20035B80 
ALM, Jennie     St Petersburg Times3/1/197515B230 
ALTVATER, Harry P.     St Petersburg Times4/22/196113B8 
ALVEREZ, Antonina 691/22/1976Tampa, FLMoss Lakeside ChapelSylvan AbbeySt Petersburg Times1/24/1976  Fun. Notice
ALVERSON, Alice E., Mrs. 721/6/1969 Fred H. Kenfieldn/aSt Petersburg Times1/7/1969   
AMAN, Lucille C. Armentrout 931/25/2000Rockingham Co, VAGarden SanctuaryGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times1/27/2000  Supplement 2000
AMBLER, Laura     St Petersburg Times4/27/1970 371 
AMBROSINI, Raymond     St Petersburg Times11/17/198515B19 
AMERSON, Allan     St Petersburg Times7/5/198511B170 
AMLONG, Charles L.     St Petersburg Times12/2/1969 99A 
ANDERSEN, Estelle     St Petersburg Times11/30/2004 7 
ANDERSEN, Marius     St Petersburg Times11/30/2004 7 
ANDERSON, Arnold F.     St Petersburg Times4/22/196113B8 
ANDERSON, Clarence W.     St Petersburg Times12/2/1969 99A 
ANDERSON, David C.     St Petersburg Times1/1/1973 2 
ANDERSON, Edward P.     St Petersburg Times3/11/1971 9 
ANDERSON, Jessie     St Petersburg Times10/6/1971 46 
ANDERSON, Marion H.     St Petersburg Times2/28/1977 270 
ANDERSON, Marion H., Mrs. 912/26/1977Johnson, VTJohn S. Rhodesn/aSt Petersburg Times2/27/1977   
ANDERSON, Mary, Mrs. 719/26/1969East Lansing, MISimmonsGreenwoodSt Petersburg Times9/27/1969  Times & Ind.
ANDERSON, May E.     St Petersburg Times1/31/1988 158 
ANDERSON, Mildred F. 702/27/1981Pinellas Co, FLJohn S. Rhodes, East ChapelMemorial ParkSt Petersburg Times2/28/1981  Obit & Fun. Notice
ANDERSON, Norman E.     St Petersburg Times6/5/1985 188 
ANDERSON, Sally     St Petersburg Times7/22/19867B128 
ANDERSON, Thomas N. "Tom" 4510/21/2000 Anderson-McQueenSunnysideSt Petersburg Times10/23/2000  Supplement 2000
ANDERSON, William Coull     St Petersburg Times10/31/1970 10 
ANDREW, Milton A. 777/13/1998Providence, RIMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times7/18/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
ANDREWS, Howard M. 741/8/1969 C.E. Prevattn/aSt Petersburg Times1/10/1969   
ANDREWS, Ida M. 811/9/1969 Anderson McQueenn/aSt Petersburg Times1/10/1969   
ANDREWS, Irma     St Petersburg Times2/27/1975 217 
ANDREWS, Neal E.     St Petersburg Times7/16/197511B405 
ANDREWS, Nina M. 946/16/1998Jackson, MIMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times6/18/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
ANGELONI, Richard     St Petersburg Times11/5/197811B110 
ANJIIMA, Patricia F.     Tampa Tribune3/6/19737D164 
ANSTEAD, Gertrude, Mrs. 819/25/1969New York, NYSuncoast Funeral Chapeln/aSt Petersburg Independent9/27/1969   
ANTHONY, Andrew H.     St Petersburg Times9/5/198012237 
ANTHONY, Annie V.     St Petersburg Times4/22/196113B8 
ANTHONY, Forest R.     St Petersburg Times10/16/198027B50 
ANTLE, Magot C.     St Petersburg Times10/30/198215B47 
ANTRIM, Addie Louise     St Petersburg Times6/10/1973 159 
ANZOVIN, Thomas B.     St Petersburg Times6/13/1979 99B 
APPLEGATE, William Goodhart     St Petersburg Times4/27/1975 38 
APPLEY, James Wallace     St Petersburg Times2/23/196813B118 
APPLING, Emanueln/a3/27/1972 Crealn/aSt Petersburg Times3/29/1972   
ARAGON, Angel ( Jack)     St Petersburg Times4/6/19881311 
ARCUCCI, Vincent     St Petersburg Times10/30/198215B47 
ARENDELL, Robert L.     St Petersburg Times9/19/1975 297A 
ARLEDGE, Gerald Hubert     St Petersburg Times7/3/1976 12 
ARLEDGE, Pearl M.     St Petersburg Times5/3/1982 13 
ARMELAGOS, Mrs. Margaret     St Petersburg Times7/3/1976 12 
ARMITAGE, Violet B.     St Petersburg Times7/29/196312B49 
ARMULL, Wilhelmine     St Petersburg Times5/20/1980 352 
ARNOLD SR., Harold L.     St Petersburg Times12/23/196411B1 
ARNOLD, Daniel E. 788/26/1919 S. D. HarrisGreenwoodSt Petersburg Times8/27/1919   
ARNOTH, Peter F.     St Petersburg Times2/9/1981787 
ARNOTT, Agnes C     St Petersburg Times2/27/1975 217 
ARNSDORF, Robert E.     St Petersburg Times7/22/19867B128 
ARRINGTON, Hubert     St Petersburg Times12/30/1974 220 
ARTALE, Joseph 865/3/1985ItalyAnderson-McQueenn/aSt Petersburg Times5/5/1985   
ARTHUR, Mrs Minnie I.     St Petersburg Times4/22/196113B8 
ARTUS, Louise 899/29/1981New York, NYC. E. Prevatt, Tyronen/aSt Petersburg Times9/30/1981   
ASH, Irene     St Petersburg Times2/24/19947B318 
ASHFORD, Alice M.     St Petersburg Times11/18/1981 176A 
ASHTON, Aaron 7/21/1901South Wales, Englandn/aGreenwoodSt Petersburg Times7/22/1901   
ASKEW, John W. "Jack" 4612/27/1915 S. D. HarrisGreenwoodSt Petersburg Independent12/28/1915  Times & Ind.
ATKINSON, Vivian B., Mrs. 621/8/1969 Palms Memorialn/aSt Petersburg Times1/10/1969   
ATTENDORM, Mary "Mayme"     St Petersburg Times3/23/1974 39 
ATWATER, Clifford F. 575/4/1959 Ralph G. Cookseyn/aSt Petersburg Times5/6/1959   
AUBERTIN, Arthur Alan "Harvey" 222/26/1981Newburyport, MAAnderson-McQueenn/aSt Petersburg Times2/28/1981   
AUBREY, Allan W. 985/13/1998 National Cremation SocietySerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times5/16/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
AUGHE, June Ann     St Petersburg Times10/31/1966 171A 
AUNSPAUGH, Shirley L.     St Petersburg Times11/17/198515B19 
AUSTIN, Carrie Adams     St Petersburg Times12/6/19442114 
AUSTIN, Noble     St Petersburg Times6/10/1973 159 
AVERY, Claude Leroy     St Petersburg Times1/17/1966 127B 
AVERY, Elwin 766/11/1985 Sanctuary Funeral HomeGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times6/12/1985  Photo
AVERY, Larry Richard     St Petersburg Times1/1/1973 2 
AVILLAR, Manuel     St Petersburg Times9/18/1975 22 
AYERS, Jonas     St Petersburg Times5/16/196613B23 
AYMAR, Rose M.     St Petersburg Times12/15/19827B14 
BABCOCK, A. (Anson) 777/28/1906 H. P. BusseyGreenwoodSt Petersburg Times7/28/1906   
BABCOCK, Adrian Marsh 5712/5/1998Rochester, NYNational Cremation SocietySerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times12/12/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BACON, Charles L, Sr. 714/27/1999 Garden SanctuaryGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times4/29/1999   
BACON, Joseph Francis     St Petersburg Times4/1/19619B45 
BADGLEY, Graynum     St Petersburg Times6/13/1979 99B 
BADWIN, Emma N.     St Petersburg Times7/22/19747B49A 
BAECKE, Ethel B.     St Petersburg Times4/27/1970 371 
BAEHR, Arthur J. 868/1/1998ConnecticutMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times8/4/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BAGBY, Alva Edson, Jr. 561/12/1968 John S. Rhodes, West Chapeln/aSt Petersburg Times1/15/1968   
BAILEY, Mamie     St Petersburg Times9/8/1948 66 
BAILEY, Robert James     Tampa Tribune1/21/19482366 
BAILEY, Roy F.     St Petersburg Times10/8/197011B232 
BAILEY, Wayne     St Petersburg Times5/29/1980 15 
BAILIE, Julia Ann     St Petersburg Times10/8/197011B232 
BAIRD, Charles M.     St Petersburg Times5/6/19442354 
BAKER, Bertha L.     St Petersburg Times10/31/1966 171A 
BAKER, Constance L. 6411/24/1998Alexandria, VAMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times11/27/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BAKER, Elizabeth C.     St Petersburg Times11/9/1976 35 
BAKER, Harry S.     St Petersburg Times12/27/1983 18 
BAKER, Herman H.     St Petersburg Times3/25/1973 101 
BAKER, Kathleen     St Petersburg Times6/13/1979 99B 
BAKER, Leslie     St Petersburg Times6/13/1979 99B 
BAKER, Nellie M.     St Petersburg Times10/31/1957 399 
BAKER, William H Sr.     St Petersburg Times8/16/2007 28 
BALL, Bernice Rose 905/5/1998Brockton, MAE. James ReeseSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times5/7/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BALLARD, Mattie H., Mrs. 827/27/1970Patterson, NYAnderson McQueenNew YorkSt Petersburg Times7/28/1970   
BALOG, Nicholas 821/3/1984 Gee & PittsMemorial Park MausoleumSt Petersburg Times1/4/1984  Fun. Notice
BALSLOV, Johannes 6812/1/2000Nyborg, DenmarkLewis W. MohnGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times12/6/2000  Photo/Supplement 2000
BALSON, Charles (Rev.) 796/24/1916Englandn/aGreenwoodSt Petersburg Times6/25/1916   
BANKS, Mary Edna, Mrs. 621/22/1976Cincinnati, OHLewis W. MohnMemorial ParkSt Petersburg Times1/24/1976  Fun. Notice
BARBEE, Linnie Lela     St Petersburg Times1/9/1996 5 
BARBER, O.E.     St Petersburg Times2/5/19352186 
BARCLAY, Margaret     St Petersburg Times3/13/19463157 
BARFIELD, Jamie Ludlow 4m3/4/1921 Wilhelmn/aSt Petersburg Times3/5/1921   
BARKER, Anella M.     St Petersburg Times3/22/19829234 
BARKES, Mrs Josephine M.     St Petersburg Times1/1/1973 2 
BARKSDALE, Doris S. 8212/22/1998 Moss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times12/25/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BARKSDALE, I.O.     St Petersburg Times9/25/1943 18A 
BARKSDALE, Joseph H.     St Petersburg Times12/27/1983 18 
BARLOW, Donald 7111/23/2000 Garden SanctuaryGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times11/26/2000  Supplement 2000/extraction
BARNBROOK, Lydia     St Petersburg Times8/21/1957 302 
BARNES, Alma G., Mrs.n/a1/22/1976IowaC. James MathewsChicago, ILSt Petersburg Times1/24/1976  Fun. Notice
BARNES, Florence A.     St Petersburg Times1/17/1966 127B 
BARNES, Gertrude A.     St Petersburg Times9/11/1975 25 
BARNES, Grace     Tampa Tribune1/21/19482366 
BARNES, Lucy 895/29/1969 Thomas J. BrettMemorial ParkSt Petersburg Times5/31/1969   
BARNES, Rosa, Mrs. 716/30/1922 EndicottGreenwoodSt Petersburg Independent7/1/1922   
BARNES, Vennie     St Petersburg Times8/30/196313B26 
BARNHARDT, Lawrence C., "Larry" 7811/27/2002 Anderson-McQueenWoodlawn Memory GardensSt Petersburg Times11/30/2002  Photo
BARNWELL, Peter     St Petersburg Times9/4/197115B153 
BARR, Adeline, Mrs. 8612/30/1977New York, NYAnderson-McQueenn/aSt Petersburg Times1/1/1978   
BARR, Anton     St Petersburg Times7/24/197411B62 
BARRETT, Wilma S.     St Petersburg Times2/4/1975 406 
BARRINGER, William R.     St Petersburg Times7/16/197511B405 
BARRON, James     St Petersburg Times11/17/198515B19 
BARRY, Milo     St Petersburg Times8/30/196313B26 
BARTER, Alice D., Mrs. 482/23/1970Buffalo, NYR. LeeWilliamsMemorial ParkSt Petersburg Times2/26/1970   
BARTLETT, Anthony John "Tony" 3711/9/1998Tampa, FLMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times11/11/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BARTLETT, Lillian     St Petersburg Times3/8/1977 404 
BARTO, Marie Daly     St Petersburg Times1/17/1966 127B 
BASKEVICH, Gertrude, Mrs.n/a7/26/1970 R. Lee WilliamsMemorial ParkSt Petersburg Times7/28/1970   
BASONE, John 895/3/1998SicilyMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times5/5/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BASSETT, Cora E., Miss 823/28/1972 J. Douglas Bairdn/aSt Petersburg Times3/29/1972   
BASSETT, Mae Brush     St Petersburg Times10/31/1957 399 
BASSFORD, Harry Thomaas     St Petersburg Times5/20/1980 352 
BATEMAN, Harold J.     St Petersburg Times12/10/1974 221 
BATES, J. D. 7/3/1917 S. D. HarrisGreenwoodSt Petersburg Independent7/4/1917   
BATES, J. D., Mrs. 465/21/1910 S. D. HarrisGreenwoodSt Petersburg Times5/24/1910   
BATES, Robert L.     St Petersburg Times1/18/197311B83 
BATH, Mabel G.     St Petersburg Times9/11/19719B92 
BATHALTER, Annan/a1/3/1980  Ft. Mitchell, KYSt Petersburg Times1/5/1980   
BATTEY, Mary Elizabeth     St Petersburg Times6/20/1943 20 
BATTEY, Mrs. Icy M.     St Petersburg Times2/13/1971 19A 
BATTEY, Richmond T.n/a3/3/1921 S. D. HarrisTopeka, KSSt Petersburg Times3/5/1921   
BATTLE, Mark Benjamin     St Petersburg Times11/30/2004 7 
BAUKNIGHT, Mary Virginia     Tampa Tribune12/10/1952 300A 
BAUMAN, Alice Taber     St Petersburg Times11/13/197712B27 
BAUMANN, Lillian 934/4/2000Ridgewood, NYGarden SanctuaryGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times4/6/2000  Supplement 2000/extraction
BAUMGARTEN, Alfred E.     St Petersburg Times2/28/1985 205 
BAUMRUCKER, A. Blanche E.     St Petersburg Times9/11/19719B92 
BAUWENS, Marie Patricia 739/12/1998 HubbellSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times9/15/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BAYLESS, W. Hobart     St Petersburg Times6/10/1973 369 
BAYLISS, W. Hobart     St Petersburg Times6/10/1973 159 
BAYLOR, Harold N. 692/25/1970Kingston, NYOsgood Funeral Chapeln/aSt Petersburg Times2/26/1970   
BEARD, Alvin H. 591/26/1979Taber, Alberta, CanadaBobbitt Funeral Chapeln/aSt Petersburg Times1/28/1979   
BEARD, J. Otis 7412/31/1973 John S. Rhodesn/aSt Petersburg Times1/2/1974   
BEARD, Winona E.     St Petersburg Times9/5/198012237 
BEASLEY, Claude N.     St Petersburg Times6/13/1979 99B 
BEASON, William M.     St Petersburg Times3/22/19829234 
BEATON, Louise 873/8/1980Bergenfield, NJOsgood-Cloudn/aSt Petersburg Times3/10/1980   
BEATTIE, Raymond L. 661/23/1976 Anderson McQueenn/aSt Petersburg Times1/24/1976   
BEATTY, Charles J. 294/29/1924 J. W. WilhelmGreenwoodSt Petersburg Independent4/30/1924   
BEATTY, Cheryl A.     St Petersburg Times8/16/2007 28 
BEATTY, Marvin Eddlenan Sr.     St Petersburg Times12/28/1962 196 
BEATTY, William     St Petersburg Times7/18/19575079 
BEAUDET, Deborah Elizabeth Kohler 447/12/2000 R. Lee Williams & SonsSunnysideSt Petersburg Times7/14/2000  Photo/Supplement 2000
BEAUREGARD, John F. "Beau" 4610/22/2000 Anderson-McQueenSunnysideSt Petersburg Times10/24/2000  Photo/Supplement 2000
BEAVERS, Edward Lee "Ed" 498/3/1998 E. James ReeseSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times8/5/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BECK, Fred A Sr.     St Petersburg Times12/11/197019B29 
BECKER, Helen M., Mrs. 762/27/1981 Crisp/Koon Funeral Chapel, Winter Haven, FLLakeside Memorial ParkSt Petersburg Times3/1/1981  Fun. Notice
BECKER, Wolfert     St Petersburg Times7/28/19827B51 
BECKLE, Audrey Louise 745/3/1985Athens, OHTaxarkana Funeral Home, TexarkanaTexasSt Petersburg Times5/5/1985   
BECKNER, Charles W. 551/9/1969 C. James Mathewsn/aSt Petersburg Times1/10/1969   
BEEBE, Winifred E.     St Petersburg Times4/3/1985 30 
BEGERT, Irene Annunciata     Tampa Tribune1/8/197215A156 
BEGY, T. Philip     St Petersburg Times10/31/1957 399 
BEHRENDT, Alice J., Mrs. 832/24/1970 The Palms Memorialn/aSt Petersburg Times2/26/1970   
BEJNA, Edward I.     St Petersburg Times12/27/1983 18 
BELAIR, Maurice     St Petersburg Times3/8/1977 404 
BELL, Elaine Junen/a5/29/2000 Anderson-McQueenSunnysideSt Petersburg Times6/2/2000  Photo/Supplement 2000
BELL, Frank H.     St Petersburg Times1/16/1979 195A 
BELL, Lillie 968/7/1998 Moss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times8/10/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BELL, Melvin 804/4/1999Baltimore, MDGarden SanctuaryGarden SanctuarySt Petersburg Times4/10/199   
BELL, Slyvester Leroy     St Petersburg Times2/16/198013B21 
BELLAMY, Winfred M. 858/25/1998Pinetown, NCMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times8/26/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BELLEAU, Raymond M.     St Petersburg Times11/9/1976 35 
BELLEFOUNTAINE, Angela A. 889/18/1998Brooklyn, NYNational Cremation SocietySerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times9/21/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BELVAL, Madeline M. 8811/15/1998NewfoundlandMoss-Feaster, Serenity GardensSerenity GardensSt Petersburg Times11/18/1998  Supplement 1998/extraction
BELYEA, Gerald S. 909/27/1982CanadaBaynard-Thompson Beach Memorialn/aSt Petersburg Times9/30/1982   
BENCIVENGA, Palmina     St Petersburg Times7/22/19867B128 
BENCRISCUTTO, Louis 654/26/1985 E. James Reese, Seminolen/aSt Petersburg Independent4/27/1985   

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