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Burial Index

Calvary Catholic Cemetery

The Calvary Catholic Cemetery is located at 5233 118th Avenue N in Clearwater, Florida.

Last NameFirst NameBirth DayDeath DayLocationRemarks
AbadEpifania A.1929n/aA 
AbadJose L., Sr19312003ACross.
AbbertonEdward18991987MausoleumOn marker with Irma L. Abberton.
AbbertonIrma L.19031997MausoleumOn marker with Edward Abberton.
AbbruscatoJohn L.19091985B 
AbbruscatoJosephine A.19151992B 
Abdl-SayedAida19302006AMadonna Medallion.
AbelAdrien18941988BOn marker with Marthe Abel ; "Together Forever".
AbelIda M.19071989Mausoleum 
AbelMarthe19011973BOn marker with Adrien Abel.
AbellEsther M.19181979MOn marker with George W Abell.
AbellGeorge W.19041992MOn marker with Esther M Abell.
AbrahamovskyHelen M.1933n/aAOn marker with Josephine A. Abrahamovsky; "Rest in peace".
AbrahamovskyJosephine A.1926n/aAOn marker with Helen M. Abrahamovsky; Heart with rosary.
AbramoBobbi09 Apr 195910 Nov 2001MBear photo; Smiley face; on marker with Michael Abramo; "Together Forever"; "05 Dec 1981"; On Back - "Bobbi even though my arms are empty my heart is full of love for you. I will always miss you. Goodbye sweetheart. your loving husband, Michael".
AbramoJohn M.1929n/aMausoleumCross.
AbramoMichael17 Jun 1958 M"Michael you are my friend and companion too.God blessed me when I met you Your loving wife, Bobbi"; on marker with Bobbi Abramo.
AbramsMarguerite01 Oct 191719 Aug 1999E 
AbramsMary K.25 Jul 193531 Aug 1998E 
AbulenciaApolonia D.09 Feb 192123 Mar 2007C"Beloved wife and mother".
AbulenciaProceso S.02 Jul 191722 Apr 2000CPFC U.S. Army WW II.
AccaputoConcetta08 Nov 189511 Jun 1973B 
AccaputoSalvatore18 Apr 189817 Jun 1983B 
AccardyMarion V.19091976AFigure of Christ.
AchatzAnton18991994AOn marker with Helen Achatz; "In loving memory".
AchatzHelen19042001AOn marker with Anton Achatz; Christ and Child; Cross.
AcquavivaGuglielmo F.19101962AOn marker with Mary M. Acquaviva; "Together forever".
AcquavivaMary M.19111985AOn marker with Guglielmo F. Acquaviva; Rosary; Crucifix.
AdamchickMary Ann19422006Mausoleum 
AdamiAchille18861965ACross; on marker with Elizabeth B. Adami.
AdamiElizabeth B.18841966AOn marker with Achille Adami.
AdamkowskiAnthony J.19151979Mausoleum 
AdamoLucy19042001MausoleumBlessed Mary ; Mary and Child.
AdamsElbert V.19001985MausoleumOn marker with Minnie F.Adams.
AdamsElizabeth V.18841972AOn marker with Joseph V. Adams.
AdamsImelda M.1908n/aBOn marker with Joseph H.Adams.
AdamsJoseph H.19041974BOn marker with Imelda M. Adams.
AdamsJoseph V.18891968AOn marker with Elizabeth V. Adams; Cross with flowers.
AdamsMark James08 Sep 196103 Jul 2000MausoleumPraying Hands; " Beloved Son, Brother and Uncle"; "Forever In Our Hearts".
AdamsMary H.1928n/aMausoleum 
AdamsMinnie F.18981979MausoleumOn marker with Elbert V.Adams.
AdamsPatrick14 Nov 191606 Oct 1999ZO.F.M.; Large emblem. IHS cross and Hands.
AdamsRalph S.19291999Mausoleum 
AdamsSherry Vineyard19441990Mausoleum 
AdamsonHugh J.19162002Mausoleum 
AdamsonTimothy W.19541989ACrucifix.
AdamsonVeronica A.19172002Mausoleum"Forever in our hearts".
AdasiewiczAdela19041995ABible with Crucifix and Rosary; "Beloved Mother and Grandmother"; Ivy.
AdilettaAdolph07 Feb 190824 Dec 1984ACross; Pine Boughs.
AdkinsEdgar A., Jr.19271984CPVT U.S. Army.
AdkinsGary K.03 Feb 194823 Apr 1995DOn marker with Marilyn K. Adkins; "Together Forever".
AdkinsMarilyn K.26 Jan 195123 Apr 1995DOn marker with Gary K. Adkins;" Married 04 Jun 1966".
AdlerDaniel 19231979ASt. Francis; on marker with Marcella B. Adler.
AdlerMarcella B.1924n/aAOn marker with Daniel Adler.
AdomonisJoseph J.18901968AOn marker with Nellie G. Adomonis; each side has Cross and flowers.
AdomonisNellie G.18901978AOn marker with Joseph J. Adomonis.
AdragnaMargaret V.19222000D"Beloved Sister, Aunt, Wife, Mother"; next to Nicholas Adragna.
AdragnaNicholas19171990DCross; MSGT U.S. Army WW II; next to Margaret V. Adragna.
AdragnaThomas M.31 Dec 194815 Jun 2003DCross; CAPT U.S.AF Vietnam.
AertsBoniface A.18931968AOn marker with Helen Aerts; Cross with lilies.
AertsClayton L.19231999AOn marker with Willie Mae Aerts; Cross with flowers.
AertsHelen18911977AOn marker with Boniface A. Aerts.
AertsWillie Mae19231997AOn marker with Clayton L. Aerts.
AfeldHarriet A.19292006AOn marker with Robert E. Afeld; Rosary.
AfeldRobert E.19281985AOn marker with Harriet A. Afeld; crucifix; Christ.
AffatatoAntonio19041985MausoleumCrucifix; on marker with Florence Affatato.
AffatatoFlorence19091985MausoleumOn marker with Antonio Affatato.
AfieldEvelyn Molly19041986Mausoleum 
AfricanoPedro19171990DRosary and Madonna; "Always in our Hearts".
AgmenAgnes A.1913n/aMausoleumImmaculate Conception.
AgmenHenrietta E.19091993Mausoleum 
AgmenStephen J.19092001Mausoleum 
AgnewCarmelita19061975ACross with roses.
AgraVictoria18991990E"E.P.D." above name," Recuerdo De Tus Familiares".
AguileraClyde18891968AOn marker with Mary P. Aguilera; St. Joseph; "Together forever".
AguileraMary P.18941984AOn marker with Clyde Aguilera; Christ.
AguirreHerminia M.19 Dec 192901 Apr 1993DRoses and Mary on plate.
AhernGail C.A.19 Jul 195127 Sep 2003M"Beloved Mother and Wife".
AhernHelen A.n/a1985MausoleumOn marker with Louis H. Clerf.
AherneAgnes B.18981977B 
AherneAnn P.19321993B 
AherneGertrude S.19011978BOn marker with John M.Aherne.
AherneJohn M19001970BOn marker with Gertrude S. Aherne; "Together Forever".
AhrBenedict B.30 Jan 189924 Jan 1967ACross; S2 USNRF WW I; next to Stella Ahr.
AhrCatherine T.23 Feb 191519 Jul 2005A"Loving wife and mother".
AhrStella25 Mar 190305 Nov 1979ACross; next to Benedict B. Ahr.
AikinElton J.19051990MausoleumOn marker with Marguerite E. Aikin.
AikinMarguerite E.19071980MausoleumOn marker with Elton J. Aikin.
AingeHarry J.18891970AIvy; on marker with Mary S. Ainge.
AingeMary S.18951992AOn marker with Harry J. Ainge.
AiossaAnthony18881967ARosary; on marker with Edith Aiossa.
AiossaEdith18981971AOn marker with Anthony Aiossa.
AireyElizabethn/an/aAOn marker with Walter Airey; Cross.
AireyWaltern/an/aAOn marker with Elizabeth Airey.
AjakonovaPetronele18971979B"God Grant Peace".
AkinsRevis Lee19471976B 
AklWadad K.01 Aug 192711 Nov 2003M"In loving memory of our mother and sister".
Al-SamakGhanimishak01 Jul 192515 Feb 2003GMary and Child; "Beloved husband and father".
AlagnaJohn B., Sr.18891970ACrucifix.
AlandJ. Paul18921979Mausoleum 
AlardoSilvio19372008MausoleumChrist medallion; "Amore para Siempre".
AlbaughRuth H.1910n/aMausoleum 
AlbaughThomas J.19062000Mausoleum 
AlbertCorine18951985MausoleumOn marker with Lorraine A. LaPointe.
AlbertHelen R.18931984AOn marker with Wilfred G. Albert; Cross.
AlbertWilfred G.18881970AOn marker with Helen R. Albert; Rosary.
AlbrechtGeorge G.19092001Mausoleum 
AlbrechtVeronica L.19041995Mausoleum 
AlbrittonAltermese23 Jan 192128 Dec 1999E"Our mother and grandmother".
AlcockJohn Curtis18981963AOn marker with Mae Edslen Alcock; Rosary.
AlcockMae Edelen18921982AOn marker with John Curtis Alcock; "Together forever".
AldrichJack W.1916n/aMausoleum 
AldrichSean Foster10 Jun 198731 Jul 1989Mausoleum 
AlestraMary06 Oct 190002 Apr 1936MausoleumCross.
AlexFrank24 Apr 188213 Aug 1967ACross.
AlexanderClifford J.19 Jan 192512 Aug 2001EPFC U.S. Marine Corps WW II.
AlexanderFrancis L.19121993Mausoleum 
AlexanderRegina E.18991967ACross with lilies.
AlexanderSophia V.19182004Mausoleum 
AlexanderTheodore C.06 Nov 193511 Jun 1974ACAPT. U.S. Army; Cross.
AlfanoCatherine16 May 189823 Jun 1991Mausoleum 
AlgerEthel H.19061984C 
AlgerFrederick W.18951983C"Together Forever"; cross.
AlkineEmily C.19182001AOn marker with Marion Glenn Alkine.
AlkineMarion Glenn19151981AOn marker with Emily C. Alkine.
AllanJohn06 Nov 191720 Apr 1978ACross; Capt U.S. Army WW II Bronze star medal.
AllasterGail A.1942n/aMausoleum"Together Forever".
AllasterGeorge G.1938n/aMausoleumMadonna and Child.
AllasterGregory J.26 Dec 196125 Sep 1998MausoleumMadonna and Child; "Beloved son and brother".
AllegraGaspare J.05 Feb 188815 Jul 1962ANew York CPL 268 Mil Police Co WW I; cross.
Allen George Bradshaw, Jr.19331975ANext to Nancy L. Allen; Cross; EMSGT OS Air Force Korea, Vietnam.
Allen Gretta V.18971984ANext to Thomas J. Allen; Christ.
Allen Mary T.19191989Mausoleum 
Allen Nancy L.15 Aug 193224 Feb 2008ANext to George Bradshaw, Jr.; Cross; "Beloved wife and mother".
Allen Thomas J.18961980ANext to Gretta V. Allen' Cross; SGT U.S. Army WW I.
AllenAlice C.19061999BOn marker with Richard W.Allen.
AllenArline P.19171982MausoleumOn marker with Henry A. Allen.
AllenAshley Juanita25 Sep 199725 Sep 1997ALamb; "Our Baby".
AllenHenry A.19112001MausoleumOn marker with Arline P. Allen.
AllenHoward J.19171999MausoleumOn marker with Virginia C. Allen; Mary Medallion; "Together Forever".
AllenLorine D.05 Oct 190527 Jun 1999E 
AllenMargaret J.19051999Mausoleum 
AllenMary Ruth19201990B 
AllenRichard W.18941976BOn marker with Alice C. Allen.
AllenVirginia C.19191996MausoleumOn marker with Howard J. Allen; Mary Medallion; "Together Forever".
AllettoFrances P.19242000Mausoleum 
AlleyAlicia N.18921972AOn marker with Whitfield N. Alley.
AlleyWhitfield N.18821962AOn marker with Alicia N. Alley.
AllisonDella F.19021978Mausoleum 
AllisonLillian B.19081997MOn marker with Thomas W. Allison.
AllisonMargaret H.19071991Mausoleum 
AllisonThomas W.19021987MOn marker with Lillian B. Allison.
AllisonWilliam J.19041983Mausoleum 
AllmanTimothy J., Rev. Msgr.09 Jun 193213 Sep 1998ZOrdained : 15 Jun 1958 ;Cross marker; Medallion : Bible, Cup Shawl; JHS.
AllordEthel M.19102002MOn marker with William J Allord.
AllordWilliam J.19061984MOn marker with Ethel M. Young.
AllouMildred E.19122002MausoleumOn marker with Paul L. Allou.
AllouPaul L.18971980MausoleumOn marker with Mildred E. Allou.
AlmHelen19301997A"Mother"; "In loving memory".
AlmeidaJohn18951970AOn marker with Maria S. Almeida; Rosary.
AlmeidaMaria S.18981976AOn marker with John Almeida.
AlmonLyda B.19031975ACross; Pine bows on upper corners.
AlofsAnn T.19141996BOn marker with Theodore E. Alofs.
AlofsTheodore E.19041972BOn marker with Ann T. Alofs.
AlonsoAngel19021966ARosary; Christ.
AlonsoFrank14 Nov 1915 AOn marker with Nellie Alonso; Cross.
AlonsoNellien/an/aAOn marker with Frank Alonso.
AltamuraJoseph 19112002Mausoleum 
AlthoffC. Louise19021967AOn marker with Charles F. Althoff.
AlthoffCharles F.19001964AOn marker with C. Louise Althoff; "Together forever".
AltzJames R.24 Aug 191909 Apr 1996CMSGT U.S. Air Force Korea Vietnam; cross.
AlvarezAdrianna S. 21 Sep 195522 Oct 1996E"Together with God";Crowned Madonna and Child; on marker with Albert Alvarez.
AlvarezAlbert06 Feb 1950 E"Together with God"; Crowned Madonna and Child; on marker with Adriana S. Alvarez.
AlvarezBenigna L.19011986B 
AlvarezDulce M.1931n/aMausoleum"Lord Have Mercy on Us"; on marker with Jose L. Alvarez.
AlvarezErma H.14 Apr 190519 Mar 1989CCross.
AlvarezHoracio19221997Mausoleum"Together Forever".
AlvarezJose L.19272005MausoleumMiraculous Medal ; on marker with Dulce M. Alvarez.
AlvarezMaria Y.20 Apr 190321 Apr 1990EImmaculate Mary.
AlvarezRose1926 MausoleumSorrowful Mother.
AlvenoEstelle M.19151966ACross with lilies.
AlveroElesvan, E.P.D.27 Oct 193030 Sep 1993E"Siempre Te Recordaremos Tu Esposa, Hijos Y Nietos".
AlvesIsabel R.19301997Mausoleum 
AmabileJohn19011986MausoleumCross; next to Rose Amabile.
AmabileRose 19081989MausoleumCross; next to John Amabile.
AmaliaMaria 19101995A"Save De Lazzari".
AmaralAnna L.19152003C 
AmaralAntone19091989MausoleumOn marker with Lillian Amaral.
AmaralJames P.19141991CWheat sheaves.
AmaralLillian19221995MausoleumOn marker with Antone Amaral.
AmarelAlice19272000BOn marker with Manuel C. Amarel.
AmarelManuel C.19041980BSacred Heart ;on marker with Alice Amarel.
AmatoBenedict V.19111995MausoleumOn marker with Rosemary R. Amato.
AmatoGeorge S.1929n/aMausoleum 
AmatoJanet A.19321998Mausoleum 
AmatoRosemary R.19121992MausoleumOn marker with Benedict V. Amato.
AmatoTeresa 18941986MausoleumCross.
AmbroseFrank J.19001984Mausoleum 
AmbrosianiDina18871967AOn marker with Peter P. Ambrosiani; roses.
AmbrosianiPeter P.18851975AOn marker with Dina Ambrosiani; "Together forever"; two Crosses in shields.
AmbrosioAnne M.1926n/aMausoleumOn marker with Francis J.Ambrosio.
AmbrosioFrancis J.1926n/aMausoleumOn marker with Anne M.Ambrosio.
AmenHenry J., Jr19092004MausoleumWW II; on marker with Roslyn E. Amen.
AmenRoslyn E.19091999MausoleumOn marker with Henry J. Amen , Jr.
AmentRita M.28 Sep 193411 Mar 2003MausoleumCross; "Loving Wife and Mother" ;next to William J. Ament.
AmentWilliam J.07 Sep 1935 MausoleumCross; " Loving Husband and Father"; next to Rita M. Ament.
AmesBessie V.18951965AOn marker with William E. Ames.
AmesWilliam E.18981995ABible with rosary; on marker with Bessie V. Ames.
AmiroEdmund J.18921975ACross with lilies; "Together Foerever"; on marker with Emily M. Amiro.
AmiroEmily M.18961999AOn marker with Edmund J. Amiro.
AmslerMary L.19031990MausoleumOn marker with William C. Amsler.
AmslerWilliam C.18991989MausoleumOn marker with Mary L. Amsler.
AnagnostaraMichael W.19592006MausoleumDove.
AnaniaRosa M.18991994ANext to Salvatore J. Anania; Roses.
AnaniaSalvatore J.18921973ANext to Rosa M. Anania; Crucifix; Lilies.
AncikasVytautas V.19252004Mausoleum 
AndersenDorothy Jeanne19281998Mausoleum"Jeanne Together Forever""; on marker with Marius Andersen.
AndersenMarius1928n/aMausoleum"Andy "; Bible and cross; on marker with Dorothy Jeanne Andersen.
Anderson John D.30 Oct 194412 Nov 1995D"Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend. The Wind Beneath Our Wings".
Anderson Sadie M.19171990BCross ; on marker with Irvin F. Gochnour.
AndersonAlfred C.18991976Mausoleum 
AndersonAlice R.19051994Mausoleum 
AndersonAlphon L.18891980AOn marker with David C. and Pauline R. Anderson.
AndersonAndrew W.1903n/aACross; next to Kenneth W. and Joan M Anderson.
AndersonDavid C.28 Oct 193125 Apr 1963ACross; Florida Lieutenant USNR; on marker with Pauline R. and Alphon L. Anderson.
AndersonEdward L.18991969ACross with lilies; on marker with Leota M. Anderson.
AndersonElizabeth J.18941986MOn marker with Matthew J Rohr.
AndersonGordon R.19311982A"Beloved husband and father"; Open Bible.
AndersonHenrietta S.19111989MausoleumOn marker with Charlotte B. Souleret.
AndersonHurldon L.19131979MOn marker with Vera E Anderson.
AndersonIsaac Gabriel06 Dec 198118 Apr 1984ACross; baby; "He gave so much to be so little but angels always do".
AndersonJames P.19471971ARosary.
AndersonJean E.11 Jan 193009 May 1982ACrucifix; bible; ivy; Jesus.
AndersonJennie K.19151977MOn marker with Joseph F Anderson.
AndersonJoan M.1939n/aAOn marker with Kenneth W. Anderson.
AndersonJoseph F.19031999MOn marker with Jennie K Anderson.
AndersonJoseph P.20 Nov 191417 Mar 1978ACPL U.S. Army WW II.
AndersonKarl M.19081996Mausoleum 
AndersonKenneth W.1937n/aAOn marker with Joan M. Anderson; "Together Forever"; "Married 8-15-1959".
AndersonLeota M.19161972AOn marker with Edward L. Anderson.
AndersonMargaret M.19112006Mausoleum 
AndersonMildred A.18951965ACross and lilies.
AndersonPaul G.1965n/aANext to Kenneth W. and Joan M. Anderson.
AndersonPauline R.19011997AOn marker with David C. and Alphon L. Anderson.
AndersonRoque W.1935n/aA 
AndersonVera E.19141985MOn marker with Hurldon L Anderson.
AndraeBernice H.19171995DOn marker with Ervin J. Andrae.
AndraeErvin J.19161992DCross; on marker with Bernice H. Andrae.
AndraschkoHelen C.19051999BOn marker with Thomas E.Andraschko.
AndraschkoThomas E.19001995BOn marker with Helen C.Andraschko; "In loving memory".
AndreJohn R.19021996Mausoleum 
AndreaeFred19051966ACross with lilies.
AndreiDavid O.03 Dec 190325 Jan 1984DCross; on marker with Lena A. Andrei; "My Jesus Mercy".
AndreiLena A.27 Dec 190926 Jun 2003DOn marker with David O. Andrei.
AndresAntonio Martinez19171966ACrucifix; next to Silvia Nava Andres.
AndresSilvia Nava "Ta"03 Nov 191510 Jul 2006ACross; next to Antonio Martinez Andres.
AndreskyGertrude H.1903n/aMausoleumOn marker with Thomas B.Andresky.
AndreskyThomas B.19031988MausoleumOn marker with Gertrude H. Andresky.
AndrewsAnna Mae05 Dec 191120 Jan 1987ANext to Lamar B.Andrews; "Beloved sister and aunt"; Cross.
AndrewsLamar B.22 Sep 190612 Oct 1974ANext to Anna Mae Andrews; U.S. Navy; Cross.
AndriakosChris17 Mar 191308 May 1990M"Our Beloved Father".
Andriola Joseph C., M.D.19081995EOn marker with Selma S Andriola.
Andriola Selma S.19101991EOn marker with Joseph C Andriola.
AngaranoPhyllis24 Aug 192009 Jun 2006A"Our Loving Mother".
AngelBarbara 15 Feb 191509 Jul 2001ANext to John S. Angel; Cross; "Beloved wife, mother, and grandmother".
AngelJohn S.28 Feb 191330 Oct 1983ANext to Barbara Angel; Cross; U.S. Navy WW II.
AngelisConstantine M.18941969ACross with lilies; on marker with Kathryn I. Angelis.
AngelisKathryn I.18971977AOn marker with Constantine M. Angelis.
AngellHerbert J.18991983AOn marker with Josephine Angell.
AngellJosephine19001983AOn marker with Herbert Angell.
Angelo Mark V.18 Jan 192212 Oct 1995ZOrder of Friars Minor, "Jesus Savior of Men"; cross and hands.
AngermeierFrances R.29 Mar 192108 Nov 2004AOn marker with Ralph G. Angermeier; Cross; 1st LT U.S. Army WW II.
AngermeierRalph G.14 Jan 191605 Mar 1963AOn marker with Frances R. Angermeier; Cross; Indiana Captain 9945-Tech SVC Unit WW II, Korea.
AngladaLucy N.19491983COn marker with Philip R.Anglada.
AngladaPhilip R.n/an/aCOn marker with Lucy N. Anglada.

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